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Honda Rancher 420 Oil Type: The Honda Rancher 420 ATV utilizes motorcycle oil in the 10W-40 or 20W-40 range. Use of an oil with the API service rating of “JASO MA” or “JASO MA2” is advised.

Wet clutch systems can use these lubricants because they have undergone testing and are safe. For information on the precise oil needs for the year and model of your Honda Rancher 420 ATV, consult the owner’s manual immediately.

Honda Rancher 420 oil type

The oil of choice for the Honda Rancher 420 is 10W-40 or 10W-30 synthetic blend fully synthetic oils. 

It is essential to choose an oil that is in compliance with or surpasses Honda’s standards in order to achieve API class SG and greater. 

It is recommended to replace the oil and filter every 100 hours or every 6 months, or whichever occurs first.

Honda Rancher 420 capacity for oil

The capacity of oil in the Honda Rancher 420 is around 1.85 Quarts (or 1.75 Liters) after the filter is replaced. 

It is crucial not to overfill the oil tank, since it could result in damage to your engine. Always refer to the owner’s manual for specific instructions and details about capacity.

what kind of oil does a Honda 420 rancher take?

When an oil filter is not being changed, the Honda Rancher 420 ATV can hold up to 2.7 quarts (2.5 liters) of oil, but after an oil change, it can hold up to 3 quarts (2.8 liters).

Be sure to consult your Honda Rancher 420 ATV’s manual to learn the correct oil volume for your vehicle’s make and model year.

Recommended Engine Oil for a Honda Rancher 420

The recommended motor oil for the Honda Rancher 420 ATV is motorcycle oil with an API service rating of “JASO MA” or “JASO MA2” in the weight range of 10W-40 or 20W-40. Wet clutch systems can use these lubricants because they have undergone testing and are safe.

It is also advised to use a premium 4-stroke motorbike oil that satisfies or beyond the standards established by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the Japan Automotive Standards Organization (JASO).

The recommended oil for your Honda Rancher 420 ATV model and year should be found in the owner’s manual.

Honda Rancher 420 Oil Filter

The Honda Rancher 420 uses an oil filter that helps eliminate contaminants from the engine oil. The oil filter that is recommended to use with this Rancher 420 is the Honda OEM oil filter, part number 15412 HM5-A10. 

It is crucial to replace your oil filter when changing the oil. This should be done every one hundred hours and every six months depending on what occurs first. 

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When changing the oil filter ensure that you employ a torque wrench to ensure that you tighten it according in accordance with the specifications of the manufacturer to avoid damage or leaks on the engine.

Rancher 420 Honda specifications

The Honda Rancher 420 is a utility-style ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) that comes in both 2WD and 4WD configurations. The Honda Rancher 420’s specifications include the following:

  • Engine: 420cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, 4-stroke engine
  • Transmission: 5-speed automatic with reverse
  • Independent double-wishbone front suspension and Pro-Link rear suspension are standard.
  • Front tyres: 25×8-12, rear tyres: 25×10-12
  • Brakes: Dual hydraulic disc brakes
  • 8.2-inch ground clearance
  • 3.9-gallon fuel tank capacity
  • 629 lb dry weight

Because the Honda Rancher 420 comes in several variants and years, these specifications may fluctuate based on the model and year. You should reference the owner’s handbook or Honda for the specifications of your specific Rancher 420.

honda rancher 420 oil change

To conduct the oil replacement on a Honda Rancher 420, follow these steps:

  1. It is important to warm up the engine for a short time so that the oil flows more smoothly.
  2. Switch off the engine and set your ATV on a flat surface.
  3. Find the drain plug for oil in the lower part of the engine. Remove it using a wrench socket.
  4. Let the oil fully drain into the drain pan.
  5. After the oil has been drained then replace the drain pipe and tighten it up to the specifications of the manufacturer.
  6. Replace the outdated oil filter with a fresh one after cleaning it. Place a light layer of new oil on the seal of the filter prior to installation.
  7. Inject the amount of recommended and type of oil into your engine via the port for oil filling by using a funnel. This will keep spills out.
  8. Make sure the oil level is checked using the dipstick and add oil, if needed, to reach the proper level.
  9. Start the engine for two minutes. Then, look for leaks around the drain plug and the oil filter.
  10. Shut off the engine and then check the level of oil again. If needed, add more oil.
  11. Get rid of the old oil and filter correctly.

The recommended schedule is to replace the oil and filter every 100 hours or every 6 months, or whichever is first. Always consult the owner’s manual for specific guidelines and details about the capacity of your vehicle.

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The recommended oil to use for the Honda Rancher 420 is 10W-40 or 10W-30 synthetic blend fully synthetic oils that are in compliance with or surpass Honda’s specifications in API class SG and higher.

It is essential to change the oil and filter every 100 hours or every six months, whichever occurs first. Always consult the owner’s manual to find specific directions and information about the capacity.

Making sure you use the right type of oil and changing it regularly will guarantee the highest level of performance and durability of the Honda Rancher 420 engine.

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FAQ honda rancher 420 oil type

How much oil does a Honda Rancher 420 take?

PRO TIP: Honda says the oil capacity of the Rancher 420 is 3 quarts, but we found that can be a little too much. Pour in 2.5 quarts, replace the fill cap, run the engine for a couple of minutes, and then check the level. To check the oil level on the engine, don’t screw in the fill cap.

What kind of oil does a Honda TRX 420 take?

Here’s how to do an oil change on a Honda TRX 420. PRO TIP: There are two different Honda motor oils you can use for this job. GN4 is a standard oil, but if your engine works a little harder, we recommend using Honda HP4 semi-synthetic oil instead.

Does a Honda rancher need an oil change?

An oil change on your Honda Rancher is standard maintenance and a meaningful way to keep your ATV’s engine healthy. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV’s watch history and influence TV recommendations.

Where to buy oil for ranchers?

I live quite a ways from the dealer too. Castrol 4T, 10w-40 motorcycle oil, for example, can be bought almost anywhere and it meets all the API and JASO requirements for the Rancher. The oil filter can be purchased through O’Reilly’s (Wix 24944) or Napa (4944) and it comes with the o-rings.

Can I use regular oil in the Honda Rancher 420?

While it is feasible to use conventional oil it is advised to utilize synthetic blends or full synthetic oil to guarantee the highest performance and protection for the engine.

Do I have to make use of a different brand oil to the one suggested by Honda?

Yes, provided that the oil is able to meet or exceed Honda’s specifications for API classification SG or greater.

Do I have to use 10W-30 oil instead of 10W-40 oil in the Honda Rancher 420?

It is true that 10W-30 oils is able to be used, provided that it is in compliance with Honda’s specifications for API classification SG or greater.

How much oil will the Honda Rancher 420 take?

The capacity of oil in the Honda Rancher 420 is about 1.85 Quarts (or 1.75 Liters) after the oil filter gets changed.

Can I use the oil filter from the Honda Rancher 420?

It is not advised to reuse the filter. Always replace the filter each time you change your oil.

How do I find this Honda OEM Oil Filter Part Number for the Rancher 420?

The Honda OEM oil filter part number for the Rancher 420 is 15412-HM5-A10.

How do I tighten the oil filter on the Honda Rancher 420?

The oil filter must be squeezed to meet the specifications of the manufacturer, which are inside the user’s guide.

What do I do about the oil that was in my previous filter, after I changed the oil on my Honda Rancher 420?

It is essential to dispose of old oil filters and oil correctly. Visit your local waste management or recycling center for instructions regarding how to dispose of used oil and filters within your region.