Honda GX240 Oil Type [Update 2022] ❤️

Likewise, what oil does a Honda gx240 take? Honda GX240-GX270 aftermarket engine maintenance kit.

This engine maintenance kit has the following specification(s): The kit includes two (2) bottles of 10W30-SJ engine oil. Additionally, what kind of oil does a Honda gx390 use? 10W-30 . Keeping this in consideration, how much oil does a Honda gx240 hold?

Honda GX240 Engine Specifications

Model GX240K1
Type 4-stroke, OHV, single-cylinder, inclined by 25°
Displacement 242 cm 3 (14.8 cu-in)
Max. horsepower 8.11 PS (8.0 HP, 6.0 kW) at 3600 rpm
Max. torque (crank PTO) 17 Nm (1.7 kg·m, 12 ft·lb) at 2500 rpm
Carburetor Horizontal type, butterfly valve
Cooling system Forced-air
Ignition system Transistorized magneto ignition
Lubricating system Splash
Starting system Recoil or electric starter
Stopping system Ignition primary circuit ground
Fuel used Unleaded gasoline (octane number 86 or higher)
Fuel tank capacity 6.0 L (1.59 US gal, 1.32 lmp gal)
Fuel consumption 313 g/kWh (230 g/HPh, 0.51 lb/HPh)
PTO shaft rotation Counterclockwise (from the PTO shaft side)

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What are the specs of a Honda gx240 engine?

The Honda GX240 engine has a cast iron cylinder sleeve, ball bearing supported crankshaft, improved piston design, and heavy-duty balancer shaft. The piston has two compression rings and one oil ring.

What kind of oil does a Honda gx340 take?

What kind of oil does a Honda gx340 use? GX340 GX390 Oil Capacity 1.16 US qt (1.1 L) 1.16 US qt (1.1 L) Fuel Tank Capacity 6.4 U.S. qts (6.1 liters) 6.4 U.S. qts (6.1 liters) Fuel Unleaded 86 octane or higher Unleaded 86 octane or higher Dry Weight 69 lb (31.5 kg) 69 lb (31.5 kg)

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How much oil does a Honda GX200 hold?

How much oil does a Honda gx200 Engine hold? Herein, how much oil does a Honda gx160 Engine hold? Oil Capacity: 0.61 US quart. (0.58 L). Fuel Tank Capacity: 3.3 US quarts (3.1 liters).

What kind of oil do you put in a Honda gc160?

Under normal operating conditions, where the air temperature is between 0 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit, Honda recommends using SAE 10W-30 oil. If you plan to use your mower for long periods of time in temperatures above 90 degrees, however, use SAE 30 to reduce internal wear. What kind of oil does a Honda gc160 5.0 take?

Oil Change on a Honda GX160 Engine

Pressure Washer Oil Change On My Honda GX390

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