GMC Terrain Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Change Cost

GMC Terrain Oil Type: The oil that is in the engine of your GMC Terrain is essential for maintaining the engine’s performance. It aids in lubricating moving parts, stops wear and tear, and also removes dirt and dust.

In this article, we’ll review the type of oil capacity, filter, and cost to change it on your GMC Terrain. We will also offer suggestions on how to replace the engine in your car yourself.

These are the essential points you should know about:

  • The recommended type of oil for all GMC Terrains is: SAE 0W-20.
  • The capacity of oil: 5.3 Quarts.
  • It’s an oil filter: Wix 51063.
  • The typical cost for changing oil is between $103 to $119.

gmc terrain oil Capcity

GMC Terrain Oil Type And Oil Capacity

Year Engine Type Oil Type Oil Capacity
2016 3.6L V6 SAE 5W-30 Full Synthetic 6 quarts
2016 2.4L 4-cylinder SAE 5W-30 Full Synthetic Not specified
2019 Not specified SAE 5W-30 Synthetic 4.2 quarts
2020 1.5L 4-cylinder Not specified 4.2 quarts
2021 1.5L 4-cylinder Not specified 5.3 quarts
2022 Not specified Not specified 5.3 quarts (AWD), 4.2 quarts (FWD)
2023 1.6L 4-cylinder diesel 5W-30 5.3 quarts

Best Oils for Your GMC Terrain

Choosing the right oil for your GMC Terrain is crucial to ensure optimal engine performance and longevity. It’s recommended to use synthetic blend or full synthetic oils that meet the GM dexos1 Gen 2 specification. Here are some of the best oils for your GMC Terrain:

  • Mobil 1 Extended Performance Synthetic Motor Oil
  • Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil
  • Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic Motor Oil
  • Royal Purple High-Performance Synthetic Motor Oil

GMC terrain oil filter

gmc terrain oil Type

It is the GMC Terrain uses different oil filters, based on year, make, and type of engine. The most common oil filters that are used within the GMC Terrain include the ACDelco PF2263G, Fram XG10575, and K&N HP-1017.

It is crucial to choose the appropriate oil filter for your particular vehicle to ensure maximum engine performance and safety.

It is recommended to refer to the owner’s manual or an experienced technician or auto part retailer for advice on which oil filter to choose.

 The frequency of oil changes for the GMC Terrain depends on the kind of oil used. If you are using conventional oils, GMC suggests an oil replacement every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. For synthetic oils the interval for oil changes is extended to 7,500-10,000 miles.
However, it’s recommended to consult your owner’s manual to determine the exact interval for oil changes that is suggested for your vehicle.

How to check the level of oil in your GMC Terrain

It is critical to regularly check the oil level in your GMC Terrain to ensure that the engine is properly lubricated. Here are the steps to check the oil level in your GMC Terrain: Place your vehicle on level ground and turn off the engine.

  1. Place your car on the even ground and shut off the engine.
  2. Take a few minutes for the oil to set within the pan of oil.
  3. Lift the hood, and then locate the dipstick.
  4. Remove the dipstick, then clean it using the help of a cloth.
  5. Insert the dipstick in the reservoir of oil and then take it out once more.
  6. Make sure the oil level is correct by using the dipstick. The level of oil should be in between the minimum and maximum marks.
  7. If the level of oil is low, you can add your recommended type of oil and amount until it is at the proper level.

gmc terrain oil

How to change the oil in your GMC Terrain

The process of changing the oil on the engine of your GMC Terrain is an essential maintenance procedure that will ensure your vehicle’s engine is running at peak performance. These are the steps you must follow to alter the oil of the GMC Terrain:

  • Get the engine warmed up by running it for a couple of minutes.
  • Switch off the engine, then raise the vehicle with the standing jack.
  • Find the drain plug for oil and take it off using a socket wrench.
  • Let the old oil be completely drained into an appropriate container.
  • Change the plug, and then make sure it is tight to the torque specified by the manufacturer.
  • Take out the old oil filter before replacing it with a fresh one.
  • Apply a small amount of oil on the new oil filter gasket before installing it.
  • Incorporate the recommended oil type and the amount by putting it in the cap of the oil filler.
  • Check the oil level and add more oil if necessary.
  • Start the engine and look for leaks.
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Understanding the capacity of the oil in the GMC Terrain is essential to ensure that you’re using the correct amount of oil when it comes to oil changes. 

Utilizing a high-quality oil that is in compliance with specifications of the GM dexos1 Generation 2 specifications and adhering to the recommended intervals for oil changes can improve the engine’s performance in your GMC Terrain and prolong its service life. 

Monitoring the oil level regularly and changing the oil filter and fixing any unusual noises or leaks will also ensure that your engine remains in top condition.

If you follow the advice and advice in the article you will be able to keep your GMC Terrain’s engine in good shape and experience long-lasting performance for many years to be.

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FAQ GMC terrain oil type

What type of oil should I use in my GMC Terrain?

GMC Terrain: Selecting the Right Engine Oil. SAE 5W&-30 is the best viscosity grade for the vehicle. Do not use other viscosity grade oils such as SAE 10W&-30, 10W&-40, or 20W&-50. If in an area of extreme cold, where the temperature falls below −20°F (−29°C), an SAE 0W&-30 oil should be used.

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How do I select the right engine oil for my vehicle?

Selecting the right engine oil depends on both the proper oil specification and viscosity grade. See Recommended Fluids and Lubricants on pages 11‑12. Use and ask for licensed engine oils with the dexos1™ approved certification mark. Engine oils meeting the requirements for the vehicle should have the dexos1 approved certification mark.

Which kind of oil ought to I put in my car?

If in an area of extreme cold, where the temperature falls below −20°F (−29°C), an SAE 0W&-30 oil should be used. An oil of this viscosity grade will provide easier cold starting for the engine at extremely low temperatures.

How many quarts of oil does a 4-cylinder engine take?

The SUV’s 1.5L 4 -cylinder engine uses SAE 0W-20. The oil capacity for the AWD model is 5.3 quarts and 4.2 quarts for the FWD model The 2.0L 4 -cylinder prefers 5W-30 and holds 5 quarts. The 1.6L 4 -cylinder diesel engine also uses 5W-30 but holds 5.3 quarts.