Troy Bilt Tiller Oil Type, Capacity & Engine Specs [Update 2024] ❤️


Troy Bilt Tiller Oil Type: Troy Bilt tillers have become a favorite choice among landscapers and gardeners, and they require regular maintenance to ensure their performance is at its best. 

A major and essential element of maintaining maintenance on your Troy Bilt tiller is choosing the appropriate type of oil and replacing it on time. 


In this post, I’ll look at the most well-known oil types and their advantages, As well As typical prices, and capacities of the tiller from Troy Bilt.

Popular Oil Types for Troy Bilt Tiller

  1. 5W-30, or 10W-30 Synthetic oil: The oils are the most popular choice to use on Troy Bilt tillers, as they provide a good balance of quality and price.
  2. 140-Weight Gear Oil: This oil is suggested to be used in the case of gears that are used in Troy Bilt tillers, as it offers better protection and performance than standard gear oil.
  3. 80W-90 Lubricant: The lubricant is suggested for transmissions from Troy Bilt tillers because it offers better protection and efficiency than traditional oil lubricants.

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Conclusion – Troy built a tiller oil-type

Selecting the appropriate kind of oil to use with your Troy Bilt tiller can be crucial to ensure the performance and health of the machine.


No matter if you select a uni-grade oil or multi-grade, an oil made of synthetics, make certain to follow the guidelines in the owner’s manual as well as make regular oil changes. If you do this you will guarantee a long and robust longevity of your tire.

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FAQs – Troy built a tiller oil-type

What kind of oil do you use on a Troy-Bilt Tiller?

Gear oil for Troy Bilt tiller. I recently was given a 1986 Troy-Bilt Pony rototiller. It is in need of oil for the transmission/PTO, and the manual says to use SAE 90 or SAE 140 oil only and warns that the use of multiweight oils could result in damage to the bronze gears.

What kind of transmission oil does Troy Bilt use?

Although Troy-Bilt tends to add SAE 85W-140 weight gear oil to the tiller at the factory, that’s not your only choice for transmission lubrication.

How do you check the transmission fluid on a Troy Bilt Tiller?

If you haven’t used the tiller in at least two hours, use the “Cold” line to check the fluid. After recent use, use the “Hot” line, if your dipstick has one. Although Troy-Bilt tends to add SAE 85W-140 weight gear oil to the tiller at the factory, that’s not your only choice for transmission lubrication.

What is the warranty on a Troy Bilt Tiller?

Troy-Bilt has a limited lifetime transmission warranty on cast iron gear casting and precision-cut bronze gears. 2-year limited warranty on other components for peace of mind. These tillers are best for breaking new ground and powering through hard-packed, challenging soil.