Genie GTH644 Transmission Oil Type, Capacity & Change Cost


Genie GTH 644 transmission oil type: Genie GTH644 is a powerful and flexible skid steer loader that is suitable for many agriculture, construction landscaping, and other tasks.

To ensure maximum performance and durability, ensuring an appropriate level of transmission oil as well as changing the filter and oil regularly is vital.


This guide offers up-to-date details on the recommended type of transmission oil capacity, filter, and cost of change of the Genie GTH644 derived directly from the official website.

Transmission Oil Type: Recommended transmission oils for Genie GTH644 is an SAE 5-W-30 high-viscosity oil that is API Service category CK-4 and CI-4.


Oil Capacity: Genie Genie GTH644 has a transmission oil capacity of 12.5 liters (3.3 US gallons).

Transmission Filter: The recommended transmission filter to use with Genie’s Genie GTH644 transmission is Genie Part No. 125012-00.

Transmission Oil Change Cost: The cost of changing the oil in a transmission for the Genie GTH644 differs based on where you are located, the labor costs well and the filters and oil brands. A reasonable estimate ranges from $150 and $250. This is inclusive of the cost of filtering oil labor, the disposal of oil that is used.

genie gth644 transmission oil type

It is the Genie GTH644 telehandler that makes use of the transmission fluid CAT 10W for its transmission. It is a special kind of fluid that is specifically designed for transmissions that operate in different temperatures. 

Selecting the correct fluid is essential for your Genie GTH644 transmission, ensuring both safety and prolonged performance.

Serial RangeTransmission ModelCapacityOil Type
GTH0807A-11525 as well as lowerT1200013 1/2 quartsTransmission Fluid CAT TO-4 or equivalent
GTH0807A-11526 or higherT2000020 quartsCAT TO-4 Transmission Fluid, or equivalent

genie gth644 transmission oil Capacity

The capacity of the transmission oil in Genie GTH644 telehandlers is dependent upon the range in which the machine is serialized, as well as the particular model of transmission:

Serial RangeTransmission ModelCapacity
GTH0807A-11525 as well as lowerT1200013 1/2 quarts
GTH0807A-1126 and greaterT2000020 quarts

genie gth644 transmission Oil Change Intervals

Regular oil changes for transmissions are crucial to ensure the condition of your telehandler’s system. 


The recommended schedule is to replace the transmission oil each 1000 hours or following the manufacturer’s recommendations or when it is the first. 

Regular maintenance and regular oil changes ensure that your Genie GTH644 is in good condition and avoids expensive repairs.

genie gth644 Transmission Oil Change

  1. Get the machine warm: Run the engine for a couple of minutes to warm the transmission oil and make the process easier for draining.
  2. The machine should be parked on a level area and activate the brake for parking.
  3. Locate the drain connector as well as the filter. This drain connector and the location of the filter can vary dependent on the year and model of your GTH644. Check the owner’s manual for more specific directions.
  4. Put the pan on top of the plug for draining.
  5. Unlock the drain: Use a socket wrench or ratchet for loosening the drain plug, and then allow the oil to completely drain.
  6. When the oil is draining take the filter off and replace it (optional): Some models come with a spin-on filter that is replaceable while the oil drains. Make use of a filter wrench take off the old filter and put in the new filter.
  7. After the oil has completely gone then reinstall the drain plug and tighten it up to the appropriate torque, as described in your owner’s guide.
  8. Take off the filler plug and replace the fluid to the transmission: Utilize a funnel add the new oil to the transmission. Consult the owner’s manual to determine the capacity recommended by your owner’s manual.
  9. Check the level of oil: Start the engine and let it run for a couple of minutes. Then, test the level of the oil with the dipstick. You can add additional oil if required until it reaches the maximum mark.
  10. Install the filler plug and tighten it until you reach the appropriate tension.
  11. Remove any spills the oil and filter in a proper manner.


Selecting the correct Transmission oil that is suitable for the Genie Telehandler is essential for your longevity and performance of yours. 

Dexron III transmission fluid is the preferred choice, providing higher performance, enhanced efficiency in fuel, and also temperature resistance. 

Be sure to adhere to the recommended change of oil intervals, and carry out regular maintenance to ensure that your telehandler is running at its peak.

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FAQs – genie gth644 transmission oil type

What are the specifications of hydraulic oil for Genie telehandlers?

Part No. 1272858 Genie Telehandlers 13 Hydraulic Oil Hydraulic Oil SpecificationsSpecifications Hydraulic Fluid Specifications Genie specifications require hydraulic oils that are designed to give maximum protection to hydraulic systems, can perform over a wide temperature range, and the viscosity index should exceed 140.

How to replace the hydraulic hoses on the GTH-644 and GTH 842?

GTH-644, GTH-842, and GTH-844: 3 Tag, disconnect and plug the hydraulic hoses from the hydraulic hard lines adjacent to the extension cylinder at the pivot end of the boom. Cap the fittings on the hard lines. 4 Remove the fasteners and clamps securing the hydraulic hoses, disconnected in steps 2 and 3, to the boom.

How often should I change the hydraulic oil in my Genie?

Note: Genie requires that this procedure be performed every 250 hours or quarterly, whichever comes first. Replacement or testing of the hydraulic oil is essential for good machine performance and service life. Dirty oil may cause the machine to perform poorly and continued use may cause component damage.

What kind of transmission fluid should I choose with my Genie GT644 Telehandler?

The Genie GTH644 telehandler needs ATF, or Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) that is in compliance with the requirements laid out in the manual for operators.