Formula 1 Engine Specs 2023


Formula 1 Engine Specs

Formula 1 engines are marvels of engineering, however, due to their highly-specialized nature, they do not use typical engine oil or filters as do regular cars.

Here’s a table that outlines the essential specifications of the Formula 1 power unit (PU):

Engine Type1.6L V6, 90deg
Horsepower (HP)900-1000+ HP
Torque (lb-ft)Not available because of the non-traditional range of RPMs.
Bore & Stroke (in)3.15 x 2.09
Compression Ratio~19:1 (Estimated)
Fuel SystemDirect Injection
Oil Capacity (qts)Not appropriate (Oil not being used in a traditional sense)
Oil Filter TypeNot applicable
Change Cost (Approx. )Not applicable


Formula 1 engines are a captivating combination of engineering, science, And ingenuity, offering the performance And power that make F1 racing so exciting.


With a long history that dates back to 1947, the engines have developed from the simple internal combustion engine to the advanced hybrid power units that we see today.


As technology advances as technology advances, the engines used in Formula 1 cars will undoubtedly get more powerful and efficient leading the sport into a thrilling future.

We thank you for taking a trip into the realm of Formula 1 engine specs with us. I hope that you’ve had a blast learning about these amazing machines.

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