Firestone Oil Change Price [Update 2023] ❤️

Firestone oil change costs are easy to remember and are very affordable. The price is based on the type of oil change needed and includes the full-service oil change that ensures a skilled mechanic will replace and recycle the car’s oil and filter, and also conduct a courtesy check of the surrounding areas while performing the task. There are two primary choices, Firestone’s change rates are simple to remember. 

They provide a complete synthetic oil change at just $65, making it economical and a bargain in the auto service industry.

It’s true that not all cars make use of fully synthetic oils, which is why there’s also an option for synthetic blends available at just $37.99. 

Because this oil isn’t as high-quality as fully synthetic oil, it is a bit cheaper however it will be required for many models of cars regardless which is why it’s so great to find it accessible at such a low cost.

firestone oil change price

About Firestone

Firestone, a tire manufacturer, also owns many auto service centers that are part of the Firestone Complete Auto Care brand. 

Aside from selling and installing tires, they also provide a variety of services such as brake repairs and maintenance, transmission, suspension, and alignment, and oil changes and maintenance.

What Does an Oil Change at Firestone Cost

Engine oil changes at Firestone start at $24.99. However, many factors affect cost. You should remember that you will have to pay the oil filter disposal fee and oil filter labor, not just the price of the engine oil.

Your engine oil will make up the largest and most important part of your oil change bill. It depends on which make and model your vehicle is, so oil requirements may vary.

Smaller engines may only require three quarts of oil. However, larger vehicles might need as many as 12 quarts.

Firestone Offers Complete Synthetic Oil Changes

Firestone provides the best oil change service anywhere, including a complete one. It is hard to imagine anyone paying a large sum for an oil change service without knowing the details. 

Firestone makes sure that our customers are fully informed about the oil change process. Firestone auto care’s synthetic oil change includes changing your motor’s oil using synthetic oil, synthetic blend, or high-mileage motor oil. 

We will replace all oil filters and check any other filters such as the cabin filter, air filter, or cabin filter. We can also recycle used oil and filters. 

To make sure the process is finished, our service technicians will give your car a complimentary inspection. Wow! These services cost $60–$70, depending on the vehicle. This is a fantastic offer!

An auto service that can change your car’s synthetic oil every day beats all records. They have changed over 19,000 car oils per day, and more across the country. Firestone auto care is the best place to take care of your car and keep it running smoothly.

How much is an oil change at Firestone

Oil change prices at chain shops

Company Price range*
Express Oil Change $37.99-$69.99
Firestone $39.99-$89.99
Goodyear $24.95-$69.95
Jiffy Lube $39.99-$99.99

Are there any coupons for Firestone

Firestone Complete Auto Care Coupons We offer a wide range of services for your vehicle. We offer great discounts, coupons, and rebates. Every day.

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What are the best ways to use Firestone coupons?

How can I use Firestone coupons? Firestone deals can help you get your car in top shape for less. Follow the link and browse the available vehicle upgrades, products, and services. 

You can buy or schedule. Then, use your coupons to save when you are prompted.

How much is brake service at Firestone

What types of work can be part of the Firestone brake service cost?

Type of service Price with coupon
Standard Brake Service $99.99
Brake Inspection FREE
Brake Fluid Exchange $69.99
Brake Service Rebate $25 per axle

What is the maximum mileage you can go with a synthetic oil change

It was once common to change your oil every 3,000 miles. However, modern lubricants have made it possible to recommend oil changes every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. 

You might also need to change your oil every 15,000 miles if your engine uses full-synthetic motor oils.

firestone oil change price 2022

Firestone: Where can I get an Oil Change

Firestone Complete Auto Care oil change coupons can help you save on your next oil change. To speed things even further, schedule an appointment online You can print official Firestone Complete Auto Care oil-change coupons here or use your mobile device to access them at any of our 1,700+ locations.

Where can I find the Firestone Complete Auto Care coupon?

You can print official Firestone Complete Auto Care oil-change coupons here or use your mobile device to access them at any of our 1,700 locations. 

Register now to be the first to learn about our exclusive offers and keep an eye out for new oil change deals! Find out more about your car’s oil Best motor oil brands available

Firestone oil change coupons: Save money on your next Firestone oil change

Search for coupons and promotions

Firestone offers many promotions and coupons for oil changes. Save money by keeping an eye on these offers.

Choose the Basic Oil Change Package

You can save money by choosing the basic oil-change package if your vehicle does not require special oil or extensive maintenance.

Consider a DIY oil change

You can change your oil yourself if you have the right tools and skills. Use the oil and filter recommended by the manufacturer.

Firestone Complete auto care: Benefits

Qualified technicians with the expertise

Firestone Complete Auto Care has highly-skilled and experienced technicians that are capable of handling a wide range of automotive services including oil changes. Their expertise will deliver high-quality work.

Locations and services that are convenient

Finding a Firestone service center near you is simple. Customers can schedule appointments easily and receive additional services.

Customer Satisfaction and Warranty

Firestone is committed to their work. Firestone offers warranties on services and parts to ensure customer satisfaction.

Last Thoughts

It is most convenient to have your engine oil changed by professionals. By delegating, you avoid making mistakes or errors that you might otherwise make if you did it yourself.

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This service is offered by many car mechanic shops, including Firestone Complete Auto Care. You can expect an oil change to take between 30 and 60 minutes if you choose to use their services. However, it may take longer during peak hours.

You will receive the 19-point vehicle inspection as well as an oil change. Always heed the advice given by the manufacturer. This will enable you to decide whether you need any additional maintenance quickly.

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FAQ Firestone Oil Change Price

What is the average time it takes to change the oil in Firestone?

Oil changes usually take 30 minutes. Your schedule may lengthen it. Scheduling an oil change appointment is the best way to reduce wait time. Our goal is for your vehicle to last longer and look newer. This necessitates a little more caution.

What oil brand does Firestone use for its cooking?

Firestone Complete Auto Care proudly uses the following full synthetic motor oils: Pennzoil PlatinumR Synthetic Motor Oil with PurePlus (TM) Technology. Pennzoil PlatinumR euro Full Synthetic Motor Oil With PurePlus(TM). Shell Rotella Full Synthetic Heavy-Duty Diesel Motor Oil.

Firestone does more than just tires

Firestone Complete Auto Care is more than just tires. We offer auto services such as engine repair and maintenance checks like state inspections.

What is the cost of a complete synthetic oil change at Firestone?

Standard oil changes cost $24.99 ($19.99 with coupon), synthetic blend $24.99, high mileage $34.99, and full synthetic $49.99. Firestone Complete Auto Care offers several options based on vehicle condition and mileage.

Does Firestone do oil changes?

Firestone makes sure that customers are fully informed about the oil change process. Firestone auto care offers a synthetic oil change that involves changing your engine’s oil using a synthetic blend or full synthetic oil.

What is the minimum oil you will need to change your oil?

Most oil changes require 4 to 5 quarts. The amount depends on the vehicle’s specs. Consult the owner’s manual for a vehicle’s oil reservoir size.

How much time does changing the oil take?

Depending on location and services, an oil change takes 15–45 minutes. It will take between 30 and an hour to change the oil on your own.

What is the average price of an oil change at Firestone?

The average cost of an oil change at Firestone can vary depending on location, soil type, and other services. Prices range typically from $20 to $70.00.

What factors affect the price of an Oil Change at Firestone?

There are several factors that can influence the price of an Oil Change at Firestone. These include the type and amount of oil needed for your vehicle, the location of the service center, additional services or inspections, and any discounts or promotions available.

Firestone offers a variety of oils for oil changes?

Firestone has a wide range of oil choices for an oil change. These include conventional, synthetic blends, and fully synthetic oils. The type of lubricant recommended for your vehicle can affect the price.

Is there anything else included in the price of an oil change?
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Firestone offers additional services as part of their oil-change packages. This includes tire rotations, fluid topping-up, battery checks, and multi-point inspections. Check with your local Firestone center to confirm which services are included.

Do I need to be aware of any additional fees when I get an oil change from Firestone?

The basic price of an oil change usually covers all essential services. However, additional charges may apply in certain circumstances, for example, if you need more oil than is standard or if any maintenance or repairs are identified during your inspection.

Firestone offers coupons or discounts for oil change?

Firestone does offer discounts and coupons for oil changes. Firestone offers these discounts and coupons on their website, via their promotional emails, and at local Firestone service centers. These offers will help you reduce your total cost.

Can I bring in my own oil to Firestone when I need an oil change done?

Firestone usually uses their own oil brands for oil changes. You should check with your local Firestone to confirm whether they accept customer-supplied oil.

Do I need an appointment to change my oil at Firestone’s service center?

Many Firestone centers accept walk-in customers, but appointments are highly recommended to ensure timely services. To confirm appointment availability, you can call or check online.

How long is an oil change at Firestone usually?

Firestone oil changes can take a variety of times depending on the time taken to perform the work and the additional services required. Firestone’s oil changes take between 30 minutes and an hour on average.

Does Firestone provide any guarantees or warranties for their oil changes?

Firestone usually offers a guarantee on its oil change services. This may include guarantees regarding the quality and quantity of oil used. Details of the guarantee can vary so you should ask about specific terms and conditions at your local Firestone Service Center.