2017 Mustang GT Oil Type, Capacity, Level & Change Cost


Do you own a 2017 Mustang GT? ūüŹéÔłŹ If so, it is important to be aware of the correct oil capacity, type and level that is appropriate for your vehicle’s engine.

The recommended type of oil for 2017. Mustang GT is 5W-20 full synthetic oil.¬†It’s crucial to select the correct oil type to ensure your engine runs efficiently and avoid wear and wear and tear.


The capacity of oil for the 2017 Mustang GT is 8 quarts. It is recommended to check the level of oil regularly and replenish the oil when required.

The cost of changing the oil in the Ford Mustang GT is $40-$60. The price includes cost of oil as well as the filter.


If you follow these easy tips by following these simple tips, you will be able to keep the Mustang GT’s engines in good shape and prolong its life.

2017 mustang gt oil type

Recommend Type of  2017 Mustang GT 

The new 2017 Mustang GT requires synthetic motor oil weighing 5W-20. This oil type provides the needed protection for the engine and can help increase fuel efficiency.

 It is essential to choose the recommended type of oil to ensure that your engine runs efficiently and avoids any damage.

2017 Mustang GT Oil Capacity

The new 2017 Ford Mustang GT, equipped with a 5.0-liter V8 engine generally has a capacity for oil of about eight quarts (approximately 7.6 milliliters) when you change the oil and filter in the course of an oil change. 
But, it’s recommended to refer to the owner’s manual or specific vehicle’s documentation to determine the exact oil capacity of the particular Mustang GT, as it could vary slightly based on factors like the engine’s specific model and any modifications made aftermarket.
2017 mustang gt oil Capacity

2017 Mustang GT Oil Change Interval

The recommended interval for changing oil in 2017 for Mustang GT is every 7,500 miles or once every six months, depending on what comes first. 

It is crucial to keep in mind that this interval will vary based on the driving style you follow as well as the conditions under which you drive. 

If you often drive in harsh conditions, like dusty or hot areas it is possible to change your oil more often.

2017 Mustang GT Oil Filter

Here are some of the recommended oil filters for a 2017 Mustang GT:

  • Motorcraft FL910S oil filter
  • Wix 51372 oil filter
  • Purolator ONE PL10241 oil filter
  • K&N PF6004 oil filter
  • Bosch 43334 oil filter

All of these filters are designed to conform to the requirements that are required by the Mustang GT engine.¬†They’re also affordable and are easy to locate.

When selecting the right oil filter it’s essential to take into consideration the kind of oil you’re using.¬†If you’re making use of synthetic oils, you’ll require an oil filter specifically designed for synthetic oils.¬†

Also, you should examine the dimensions of the filter to be sure it’s compatible with the engine you are using.

2017 mustang gt oil filter

 Mustang GT in 2017 Oil Change 

The process of changing the oil in the Ford Mustang GT is a relatively simple task you can complete yourself. Here are the steps:

  1.  Place your vehicle in an area that is level.  
  2.  Switch off your engine, and allow it to cool down.  
  3.  Lift the hood, and then locate the drain plug for oil.  
  4.  Put a pan underneath the drain plug in order to collect the oil that has been leaking out.  
  5.  Use a wrench to loosen your drain plug.  
  6.  Let the old oil be drained out of the pan.  
  7.  Install the drain plug, then fix it using the help of a wrench.  
  8.  Clean your oil filter.  
  9.  Apply a thin coating of fresh oil on the seal of your oil filter that has been replaced.  
  10.  Install the new filter using your hands until the filter is secure.  
  11.  The cap for the oil filler must be removed.  
  12.  Inject new oil into the engine by using a funnel.  
  13.  Replace the cap that holds the oil.  
  14.  Begin the engine, and allow it to run for a couple of minutes.  
  15.  Verify the level of oil and add oil, if needed.  

If you follow these guidelines by following these steps, you can be sure that the Ford Mustang GT in 2017 Mustang GT is properly lubricated and secure.

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The right oil for the car’s 2017 Mustang GT is essential for making sure your engine runs smoothly and prevents premature wear and tear.¬†

Synthetic oil is a great choice for the majority of Mustang GT owners, as it provides a variety of advantages over conventional oils.

By adhering to the recommendations for changing your oil in the owner’s manual you will ensure that your Mustang GT engine lasts for many years to come.

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FAQs – 2017 Mustang GT Oil Type

What kind of oil does a 2018 Ford Mustang GT take?

The 460hp output of the 2018 model would have required a prancing horse on the wheel and an extra 100k just ten years ago. Like any high-performance V8, the GT tends to be oil-thirsty, which makes buying the right oil even more important. Ford recommends Motorcraft SAE 5W-20 Premium Synthetic Blend Motor Oil.

How do I know what oil to use for my Mustang?

In most cases, checking your owner‚Äôs manual to find what oil your Mustang’s engine takes is a good place to start. But based on your individual situation, you may need to adjust your oil viscosity slightly. In case you don‚Äôt have your owner‚Äôs manual handy, here are the engine oils Ford has recommended for their Mustangs over the years.

What does the 2-digit oil rating on a Mustang mean?

This rating uses a two-digit code that tells how it ranks in terms of standards of oil in comparison to engines of a certain time. Mustang owners should familiarize themselves with these ratings and codes to find out whether or not the oil they are purchasing is up to par with their current engine.

How often should I change the oil in my Mustang?

If, like a lot of classic owners, you don’t really put many miles on your Mustang, make sure to do an oil change at least once a year. Synthetic oil starts as high-quality crude oil and is then further refined. No two synthetics are exactly alike, and most brands are very protective of their formulas.