Firestone Brake Service Cost [Update 2022] ❤️

Based on Firestone brake service costs can be cut by keeping that your brakes are in great working order prior to reaching the point that major repair is required. 

Their trained technicians complete nearly one million brake repairs each year. Firestone offers a no-cost examination to assess the condition of the brakes on your vehicle. 

If repairs are required, there are various levels of service that will meet your requirements. Because the work is done by certified technicians who use high-quality components, Firestone doesn’t provide low-cost brake services. 

Even though the cost of the brake job might not be the cheapest available, however, it’s worth it in the end. If you’ve got high-quality brake parts installed in your car, they’ll last for a longer time.

firestone brake service cost

As you get onto the gas, your car accelerates. How do you react when put on the brakes? The car must stop in a safe, secure, and when you’re able to. As your vehicle gets older is inevitable that it will require some repairs on the brakes. 

It is crucial to identify the primary indicators of brake problems. You must avoid excessive wear on your brakes which can cause additional issues to develop earlier than you think is needed. 

Make sure to ask questions and get educated about the brake system in order to avoid costly issues. This way, the Firestone brake service cost will be kept to a minimal amount. Additionally, you could attempt to cut down on repair costs by making use of Firestone coupons for brakes.

There are many options in the field of Brake services from Firestone. If you’ve noticed problems with your brakes before, you’ll probably require to go through the Standard Brake Service. 

More extensive or urgent repairs might warrant a Lifetime Brake Service. Remember that all of them will give you warranty coverage.

Cost of Firestone Regular/Lifetime Brake Service

There are many variables that affect the price of servicing your brakes with Firestone. The most important of these is what type of brakes you are servicing, as well as the frequency at which they should be checked. 

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We’ll go over this further in the guide in the near future, but at this point, you can look at this table for a complete listing of costs.

Standard Wagner 12 month / 12,000 mile $175 Yes No No
Standard with Fluid Exchange Wagner 24 month / 24,000 miles $350 Yes No Yes
Lifetime Wagner 12 month / 12,000 mile + lifetime warranty as explained below $450 Yes Yes Yes

Remember that prices for car service will vary greatly. The above prices were gathered from searching online, particularly through forums about cars. 

These prices are an estimate of the amount you might spend, however, it’s likely that your cost is more if they discover some issue with other parts of the car during the inspection. 

It is also possible to pay less when you are able to grab coupons or get some kind of promotion for your service.

A participant on the forum was charged $16.99 for an inspection but was able to have the cost reduced if he signed up for the service.

He broke down the cost and received: $59.99 for ceramic disc pads; $115 for labor plus tax, $12.99 for the exchange of brake fluid and $151 for both rotors $2.60 for the disposal of fluid waste, and $75 for the work needed.

How Much Does Brake Service Cost At Firestone

Compare Reedman-Toll prices with our Competitors:

Services   Reedman Toll  Services  


Front or Rear Brake Pad Replacement (most models) $99.95 $149.99/ $159.00
Engine Maintenance Tune-Up $105.00 $150.99
Cooling Systems Service $79.95 $89.99
Air Conditioning Check $34.95 $49.99
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Our Brake Maintenace And Repair Services

How much will an overhaul of a brake cost in labor?

Based on Repair Pal, labor costs for larger brake work such as replacing rotors are between $160 and $200. 

Materials and parts needed to be used for this task and similar jobs typically cost between $250 and 360 dollars. In the end, the brake repair could cost anywhere from $400 to $600 based on a range of variables.

How much will a 4-wheel brake job cost?

How Much Does a 4-Wheel Brake Repair Cost? The average is $450-$500 per wheel. A complete brake overhaul covering all four wheels could be around $1,600. If you’re just changing pads and rotors, it could be a little lower. 

Standard Services For Brakes 

  • Installing brand-new shoes, brake pads, or brakes
  • Resurfacing or replacing drums and brake rotors
  • Checking brake components
  • Parts warranty for life on shoes and brake pads and a 12-month, 12,000-mile warranty on labor.

Standard Auto Brake Service Fluid Exchange  

  • Shoes or brake pads with new rubbers fitted
  • Inspecting brake components
  • Drums and brake rotors are changed or resurfaced
  • Brake fluid exchange or bleed brakes (which helps to remove brake fluid contaminants and air)
  • Lifetime parts guarantee for brake discs and shoes as well as brake disc pads.
  • Labor warranty of 24,000 miles/24 months.

firestone brake service cost 2022

Lifetime Auto Brake Service

  • Shoes or brake pads with new rubbers are installed
  • The brake components are inspected
  • Drums and brake rotors are changed or resurfaced
  • Lines for bleeder and exchange of brake fluid (which eliminates the contaminants in brake fluid and air)
  • New brake calipers or wheel cylinders are installed
  • Lifetime labor warranty*
  • 1-year warranty on drums, 12 months on rotors, and Rotors*
  • Lifetime warranty on brake disc pads, brake shoes, installation equipment, calipers, or shoes and wheel cylinders
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Common Brake Problems  

If you feel something is off in your brakes, not heeding the symptoms could result in more severe brake problems in the near future. 

If you spot any of the signs listed below it’s a good idea to take your car to Firestone Complete Auto Care near your home. 

These symptoms can indicate brake issues, such as damaged brake pads, leaks in the brake fluid or malfunctioning ABS, and many more.

  • The brakes in your vehicle are making sounds that include grinding, squealing, or metal-on-metal noises.
  • The pedal can feel spongy as you apply the brakes.
  • Your steering wheel shakes as you are you brake.
  • The vehicle shakes or vibrates when you stop in any direction.
  • The car appears to pull toward one side whenever you stop.
  • The ABS or brake light illuminates your dashboard. lit.

Things To Be Able To Be Aware Of

In the United States, the company utilizes Wagner(r) ThermoQuiet(r) brake pads due to them being modern and innovative. 

They feature one-piece brakes that provide sound dampening to ensure a quieter driving experience, and also help to disperse heat so you don’t overheat your system when you travel for long distances or in the rush hour traffic that is a stop-and-go. 

No matter what vehicle you drive there’s bound to be an array of these top-quality brake systems that match perfectly for the best performance each time. 

This year alone, they completed more than 1 million of these services, which is around 3000 daily.

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