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Firestone brake service cost According to Firestone they can help you cut down on the cost of brake maintenance by making sure the brakes are in top condition before they require major repairs. Every year, their highly skilled specialists complete close to 1 million brake repairs.

Free of charge, Firestone will examine the brakes in your vehicle to assess how they’re performing. If you require repairs There are a variety of service levels to meet your requirements.

Firestone isn’t able to provide cheap brake repair services because the work is completed by skilled professionals who use top-quality components.

The brake repair isn’t the cheapest alternative, but it’ll pay off over the long term. Your brakes will last longer when you are using high-quality parts for your brakes.

firestone brake service cost

Your car speeds up when you step on the gas. How do you respond when the brakes are applied? When you are able, the car must stop in a safe, secure location. It is expected that your car will eventually need brake repairs as it ages. It is essential to recognize the key warning signs of brake issues.

You must prevent your brakes from experiencing excessive wear, which could result in more problems arising earlier than you anticipate.

To avoid expensive problems, make sure to educate yourself about the brake system and ask questions. In this manner, the price of the Firestone brake service will be kept to a minimum.

Additionally, you could try to lower repair costs by utilizing Firestone brake discounts. When it comes to Firestone brake services, there are numerous possibilities.

You’ll likely need to undergo the Standard Braking Service if you’ve previously detected brake issues.

It is a Lifetime Brake Service that can be essential for more complex emergency repairs. Be aware that you’ll receive guaranteed protection for all of them.


Firestone Complete Auto Care is an industry leader in providing vehicle maintenance and repair services across the United States. 

With more than 1 700 locations throughout the United States, Firestone is a convenient option for those who require brake repair. What is the cost to have your brakes checked at Firestone? 

We’ll go over the various types of brake services provided by Firestone and the elements that impact the cost and how they compare to other service providers.

Brake Service Price for Lifetime and Routine Maintenance from Firestone

The cost of having Firestone service your brakes might vary widely depending on a number of factors. The primary considerations are the brakes’ type and the recommended inspection intervals.

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The next time we’ll cover this more in depth in the guide In the meantime you can look up this table to get a complete list of costs.

Always keep in mind that the cost of hiring a car service can vary substantially. All of the data presented above was culled from several web sources, most notably automobile-related message boards.

Standard Wagner 12-month / 12,000 mile $175 Yes No No
Standard with Fluid Exchange Wagner 24 months / 24,000 miles $350 Yes No Yes
Lifetime Wagner 12 month / 12,000 mile + lifetime warranty as explained below $450 Yes Yes Yes

These costs are estimates; however, should problems be found in other areas of the vehicle during the inspection, your final bill may be significantly higher.

Using discounts like coupons or special offers might further reduce the price you pay for a service.

By signing up for the service, a forum member at might have his inspection fee cut from $16.99 to $9.99.

His receipt showed that the ceramic disc pads cost $59.99, labor cost $115 including tax, replacing the brake fluid cost $12.99, and the cost of both rotors was $151. The cost to dump fluid waste is $2.60, and the labor involved is $75.

How Much Does Brake Service Cost At Firestone

Compare Reedman-Toll prices with our Competitors:

Services   Reedman Toll  Services  


Front or Rear Brake Pad Replacement (most models) $99.95 $149.99/ $159.00
Engine Maintenance Tune-Up $105.00 $150.99
Cooling Systems Service $79.95 $89.99
Air Conditioning Check $34.95 $49.99

Our Brake Maintenace And Repair Services

How much will an overhaul of a brake cost in labor?

Based on Repair Pal, labor costs for larger brake work such as replacing rotors are between $160 and $200. 

Materials and parts needed to be used for this task and similar jobs typically cost between $250 and 360 dollars. In the end, the brake repair could cost anywhere from $400 to $600 based on a range of variables.

How much will a 4-wheel brake job cost?

How Much Does a 4-Wheel Brake Repair Cost? The average is $450-$500 per wheel. A complete brake overhaul covering all four wheels could be around $1,600. If you’re just changing pads and rotors, it could be a little lower. 

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Standard Brake Maintenance

  • Installing new brakes, brake shoes, or brake pads
  • Resurfacing or replacement of brake drums and rotors
  • inspecting brake parts
  • Lifetime parts guarantee on shoes and brake pads; 12-month, 12,000-mile labor warranty.

Preventative care for car brakes Swapping Fluids

  • Checking the brakes requires new brake pads or shoes with rubber soles.
  • Rotor and drum brakes are either replaced or resurfaced.
  • The brake fluid has to be changed or the brakes need to be bled (which helps to remove brake fluid contaminants and air)
  • Both the brake pads and the discs themselves are covered by a lifetime warranty on the component level.
  • Warranty on labor for two years or 20,000 miles.

firestone brake service cost 2022

Auto Brake Service for Life

  • New rubbers are put in the shoes or brake pads.
  • The brake components are examined.
  • The brake drums and rotors are replaced or resurfaced.
  • Bleeder and brake fluid exchange lines (which eliminates the contaminants in brake fluid and air)
  • Brake calipers or wheel cylinders are replaced.
  • The rotors, callipers, wheel cylinders, and brake shoes they come with are all guaranteed for life. Brake disc pads, brake shoes, installation hardware (callipers, wheel cylinders, brake shoes), and brakes themselves are all covered by a lifetime warranty.

Common Brake Problems  

If you feel something is off in your brakes, not heeding the symptoms could result in more severe brake problems in the near future. 

If you spot any of the signs listed below it’s a good idea to take your car to Firestone Complete Auto Care near your home. 

These symptoms can indicate brake issues, such as damaged brake pads, leaks in the brake fluid or malfunctioning ABS, and many more.

  • The brakes in your vehicle are making sounds that include grinding, squealing, or metal-on-metal noises.
  • The pedal can feel spongy as you apply the brakes.
  • Your steering wheel shakes as you are you brake.
  • The vehicle shakes or vibrates when you stop in any direction.
  • The car appears to pull toward one side whenever you stop.
  • The ABS or brake light illuminates your dashboard. lit.

Consider the Following Factors

Because of its innovative and cutting-edge design, the company uses Wagner(r) ThermoQuiet(r) brake pads in the United States.

One-piece brakes are one of them; when traveling long distances or in stop-and-go traffic during rush hour, they aid to drain heat and keep your system from overheating. This ensures a more peaceful driving environment.

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There are a variety of different high-quality brake systems available You Should Take Into Account Various Factors

Wagner(r) ThermoQuiet(r) brake pads are utilized by corporations in the United States because of their innovative and cutting-edge design.

One-piece brakes are among them; when driving long distances or in stop-and-go traffic during rush hour, they aid to drain heat from the system to prevent it from overheating. This guarantees a quieter driving environment.

There is unquestionably a range of these high-quality brake systems available for every automobile, and they all work in concert to offer consistently good performance.

This year alone, they performed more than one million of these services, or more than three thousand every day. ble for each car, and they all work together to offer consistent good performance. They performed over 1 million of these services this year alone, or over 3000 every day.

Final Word

Firestone Complete Auto Care provides Firestone brake service, which includes an evaluation of the braking system, replacement of brake pads, and other repairs as needed.

The service is intended to guarantee that your vehicle’s brakes are in good operating order and to assist extend the life of your braking system.

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