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Cat C7 Engine Specs

It is a flexible strong diesel engine that is utilized in a variety of applications, including buses, trucks construction equipment, and even vessels for marine use. Here’s a rundown of its main specifications:

SpecificationValueAdditional Notes
Engine TypeInline 6, 4-stroke cycle diesel
Displacement442 cubic inches (7.2 liters)
Bore & Stroke4.13″ x 5″ (105mm x 127mm)
Compression Ratio16.2:1
AspirationTurbocharged Aftercooled (TA)
Horsepower (HP)Between 168 and 224 BkW (225-300 BHP)Varies depending on application @ 1800-2200 rpm
Torque520-925 lb-ftVariable with HP
Fuel SystemCommon Rail Injection
Oil Capacity (Standard Sump)4.75 Gallons (18 Liters)
Oil Capacity (Deep Sump)6.75 Gallons (25.6 liters)
Oil Filter TypeCat 1R-0752, Fleetguard LF39526, Wix 51356, etc.Select the filter that matches the particular engine configuration you have.
Oil Change Cost (DIY)$40-70Based on filter and oil cost
Oil Change Cost (Professional)$100-150The cost of labor varies based on the shop’s location and shop prices


Caterpillar’s C7 engine a strong and reliable diesel engine which offers incredible performance and longevity.


With A variety of power options ranging from 168 to 224 BHP (168 to 224 Kw) And 224 kW, the C7 engine is built to comply with various emission standards like U.S. EPA Tier 3, China Stage II, and EU Stage IIIA equivalents.

The engine’s inline 6 4-stroke diesel engine design comes with a 4.33-inch bore A 5.0-inch stroke, And A 7.2-liter displacement. It’s turbocharged And air-cooled with an efficiency ratio, which is 16.2:1.


The C7 engine’s direct-injection combustion system As well As advanced technologies like ACERT Aid in its efficiency As well As low emissions.

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