Cat 3306 Engine Specs 2023


Cat 3306 Engine Specs

Cat 3306 Engine Specs: It is the Caterpillar 3306 is a 10.5-liter six-cylinder diesel engine first launched in 1973. It is a well-known engine used in vehicles, trucks, And boats as well as generators. 

The 3306 is renowned for its dependability and durability And is made in a variety of designs with different power as well as torque ratings.


Here are a few Specifications of the Cat 306 engine:

Engine Type6-cylinder, in-line, 4-stroke diesel
Displacement16.8L (1027 cubic inches)
Bore & Stroke5.4″ x 6.875″
Horsepower185-450 hp (depending on model)
Torque700-1650 lb-ft (depending on model)
Fuel InjectionDirect injection
Cooling SystemAir-cooled
Starting System12V or 24V electric starter
Dry Weight2,200-3,500 lbs (depending on model)
Engine Oil Capacity14.5 – 16 US gallons (depending on model and filter configuration)
ApplicationsConstruction, mining, agriculture, trucking, marine


This robust and adaptable machine showcases remarkable specifications, including 265-350 horsepower, a 10.5-liter displacement, and a turbocharged, after-cooled valvetrain.


It can power the generator of a truck or the vessel of a marine, this engine’s performance is simply amazing. 

We hope that this information is useful for your needs and heightened your appreciation of the technological marvel which is Cat3306’s engine. We thank you for taking part in this journey to discover the capabilities of the Cat 3306 engine.

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