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20 oz. of oil is required for the Vanguard 6.5 Gross HP engine (3000-3600 PSI Pressure Washers). Where To Buy. Buy 160 oz./ 5 qt. (#100170) for $29.99. Recommended. Briggs & Stratton SAE 30. 37 oz. of oil is required for the Honda GX390 engine (3800-4200 PSI Pressure Washers). Where To Buy. Buy 48 oz. (#100028) for $9.59. Recommended. Briggs & …

Understanding Briggs and Stratton 6 HP Oil Type

What exactly is Briggs as well as Stratton the 6HP oil?

Before we go into the details we must first understand the meaning behind what Briggs as well as Stratton the 6HP oil model really is. 


Briggs and Stratton is a popular brand of small engines that are used to power outdoor devices, such as generators, lawn mowers as well as pressure washers. 

The 6 HP represents how much horsepower the motor has. It is a crucial factor in selecting the appropriate oil type.


What is the reason it is important to choose the correct oil kind?

The performance and longevity of the engine depending on the choice of oil. Your engine’s moving parts are lubricated by the oil, which also helps to prevent wear and tear. Using the incorrect type of oil could cause damage to the engine and reduce its lifespan.

What is the most recommended Briggs as well as Stratton 6-HP oil kind?

The most recommended Briggs as well as Stratton 6 HP type of oil can be found in SAE 30. It is a mineral-based lubricant specially made for small engines. It is extremely lubricating and assists in protecting engines from wear and wear and tear.

The right oil to use is suitable for the Briggs and Stratton 6 HP engine

The kind of oil you select to use on the Briggs, as well as Stratton 6-HP engine, is contingent on many aspects, such as the condition of the engine as well as the climate you live in, as well as the kind of equipment it’s being utilized in.

As a rule of thumb synthetic oil is suggested for older engines or those that operate in harsh temperatures or extreme conditions.

Before deciding on the right oil, it’s essential to consult the manual of the manufacturer or owner’s website for advice.

Briggs and Stratton recommend using SAE 30 weight oil for engines with temperatures that exceed 40degF (4degC) as well as SAE 5W-30 synthetic oils for those temperatures lower than 40degF (4degC).

Type of lawn mower’s oil and recommendations for the type of lawn

Different kinds of oils are effective at specific temperatures. Discover which oil type is suitable to suit your needs.

  • SAE 30 – Warmer temperatures, the most common oil for small engines.
  • SAE 10W-30A temperature range varies This grade of oil enhances cold-weather start but could increase the amount of oil used.
  • Artificial SAE 5W-30Best protection in all temperatures, as well as enhanced starting, with lower oil consumption.
  • SAE 5W-30 – Very cold temperatures.
  • Vanguard 15W-50 – Varying temperature range. It is suitable for continuous use, such as commercial lawn cutting, or pressure washing.

If you are choosing lawn mower oil, make sure to use the best detergent oil, rated in the form of “For Service SF, SG, SH, SJ” or higher. Use only the standard additives.

Synthetic oils are suitable oil for all temperatures. Synthetic oils are not a change in the intervals for oil changes.

Changing the Oil in a Briggs and Stratton 6 HP Engine

How often do oil changes need to be performed?

It is recommended that you switch the oil of the Briggs as well as the Stratton 6-HP engine at least every 50 hours of operation, or at least every year, or when it is the first. 

However, if you are operating the equipment in dirty or dirty environments you might need to replace the oil more frequently.

What tools are you going to need for changing the oil?

In order to change your oil for the Briggs or Stratton 6-HP engine you’ll require the following tools:

  • A drain pan
  • A funnel
  • A socket wrench, or an adjustable wrench
  • New oil filters (if needed)
  • SAE 30 oil

How do you change the oil?

In order to change your oil for the Briggs or Stratton six-horsepower engine Follow these steps:

  1. Start the engine and allow it to run for a couple of minutes to let the oil warm up.
  2. Turn off the engine, then remove your spark plug from its wire.
  3. The drain pan should be placed under the drain plug for oil and remove the plug using the socket wrench or an adjustable wrench.
  4. Allow the oil to drain completely into the pan.
  5. Change the plug, and then tighten it with a secure.
  6. Take the oil filter off (if it is necessary) then replace it with a fresh one.
  7. Make use of funnels for adding SAE 30 engine oil until it is at the mark of the dipstick.
  8. Connect to the wire for your spark plug.

FAQ Briggs and Stratton 6 hp oil type

How much oil does a 10 hp Briggs and Stratton take?

How Much Oil Does a 10 HP Briggs and Stratton Take? With a smaller engine series, you can find that your mowers need less oil to run. On a Briggs & Stratton 204400 Series Engine, you will need an oil capacity of 28 fl. oz. Using the right oil and you get protection for longer engine life, and you will skip your engine warranty easily.

How much oil does a Briggs & Stratton 22-horse mower hold?

How Much Oil Does a 22-Horse Briggs & Stratton Hold? On this lawn mower engine, you can find two Briggs and Stratton oil capacities. These vary slightly based on whether mower engines have an oil filter or not. Oil Capacity 60 fl. oz. (1.8 L) w/o filter; Oil Capacity 64 fl. oz. (1.9 L) the engine is equipped with an oil filter

What type of oil should I use in my Briggs&Stratton?

We recommend the use of Briggs & Stratton Fully Synthetic Premium Long-Life Oil. The use of this high-quality detergent oil assures compliance with Briggs & Stratton warranty requirements regarding the use of appropriate oil.

Does a Briggs&Stratton small engine lawnmower need an oil change?

It is time to give your lawn a fresh look and you need to start using your Briggs & Stratton small-engine lawnmower. An oil change is required and you are now wondering which way out. Having so many options and so much data can make things complicated.

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Making sure you use the correct oil is vital to ensure the efficiency and longevity that you get from Your Briggs as well as the Stratton 6-HP engine. SAE 30 is the most recommended oil for these engines.

It should be replaced every 50 hours or at least every year. Use the right tools and follow the instructions closely when replacing the oil. 

Following these steps ensures your engine is running smoothly and will last for a much longer time to come.

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