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S250 SKID-STEER LOADER SPECIFICATIONS. Operating Height …………………………. 160.6″ (4079 mm) Height with Operator Cab…………….. 80.9″ (2055 mm) Angle of Departure………………………. 25°. Ground Clearance……………………….. 8.5″ (216 mm) …

FAQ bobcat s250 hydraulic oil type

How much oil does a bobcat S250 hold?

The Bobcat S250 oil capacity is 13.3 liters (14 qts). It is also featured with a hydraulic flow of 20.7 GPM plus extra 10 GPM high-flow option packages, making 30.7 GPM in total, under the weight of 7825 pounds. The Bobcat S250 also has two-speed options.

What type of hydraulic oil does a bobcat use?

I couldn’t find Bobcat’s specs on hydraulic oil. I know Bobcat has their own fluids; In most of the skid loaders and hydrostats, the AMSOIL 10W-30 small engine oil works great, as does the 5W-30 tractor transmission/hydraulic oil. If you have a manual on the machine could you send me Bobcat’s specs?

When did the bobcat S250 come out?

It was made first in 2002 by Bobcat Company. The Bobcat S250 stands just over 142.9 inches long with a standard bucket, 74 inches (1880 mm) in girth, and 128.8 inches (3272 mm) high with the top cab. The 48.8 wheelbases create a smooth ride.

What kind of oil do you use in your S250?

I have a 2003 S250. I bought the machine this summer and use it mainly for moving logs around with a grapple onto a firewood processor. Bobcat specs their brand of hydraulic oil, but it’s about $25/gal. I used AW32 hydraulic oil, which runs about $10/gal.

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