Bobcat 873 Hydraulic Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Change Cost

Bobcat 873 Hydraulic Oil Type: The maintenance of the condition of your Bobcat 873 Skid Steer Loader is crucial to ensure long-term performance and durability. 

A major and crucial aspect of maintaining is ensuring that your system’s hydraulics are filled with the right quantity And type of oil. 

In this blog, i’ll talk about the Bobcat 873 hydraulic oil capacity, type, And cost of change. I’ll also offer Guidelines on how you can replace the oil in your hydraulic on your own.

Oil Type: The Bobcat 873 is powered by SAE 10-W hydraulic oils. This kind of oil is Specifically designed to provide superior protection And lubrication for hydraulic components across a broad Temperature range.

Oil Capacity: Bobcat 873 hydraulic system The Bobcat 873 hydraulic unit comes with a capacity of 17.5 Liters (4.6 gallons) of oil.

Oil Filter: The Bobcat 873 is equipped with a Bobcat 6645922 filter for hydraulic oils. This filter is made to get rid of impurities in the hydraulic oil. It assists in Protecting the components of the hydraulic from wear and wear And tear.

Oil Change: The price of a Bobcat 873 hydraulic oil replacement is going to depend on the dealer’s Location and area of the dealer. You can anticipate being charged between $100-$200 for the filter And oil.

Bobcat 873 Hydraulic Type Oil

The type of hydraulic oil recommended for the Bobcat 873 skid-steer loading machine will be Bobcat E145 hydraulic oil or an equivalent high-quality hydraulic fluid that meets the following requirements:

  • ISO VG 46 viscosity grade
  • API Higher oil classification, CK4 or greater.
  • Meets Bobcat specifications 7391285

Bobcat E145 hydraulic oil can be described as a bespoke blend of fine base oils as well as additives that are designed to meet the demanding specifications that are required by Bobcat equipment. 

It delivers optimal flow even at temperatures that are subzero and is stable when working at high temperatures.

Here is a list of the types of hydraulic oil that are recommended to use with Bobcat skid-steer loaders at various ambient temperatures:

Ambient Temperature (degF)The Recommended Hydraulic Oil Type
Below 20degF10W-30
20degF-90degF10W-30 or 15W-40
90degF to 110degF15W-40

Bobcat 873 Hydraulic Oil Capacity

The capacity for hydraulic oils of the Bobcat 873 skid-steer loader may differ based on the particular design and model. 

As a general rule of thumb, estimate the hydraulic capacity of the Bobcat 873 to range from 20-22 gallons (75.7 up to 83.3 liters).

For the most precise information about your specific machine, read the user manual or contact a Bobcat dealer.

They can give you details about your exact capacity for hydraulic oils as well As any particular guidelines or Recommendations that pertain to your specific design And model.

Bobcat 873 Hydraulic Oil Filter

The Bobcat 873 oil filter for hydraulics, a spin-on filter, filters dirt from hydraulic fluid in Bobcat skid steer excavators, loaders, and other machines. It is mounted within the hydraulic pump, forming an integral part of the hydraulic oil lubrication system.

Part No. 6661248

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Bobcat 873 Hydraulic Oil Change

To maintain the highest performance and prolong the life of the Bobcat 873’s system of hydraulics, frequent oil changes are required. Follow these steps to change your hydraulic oil:

  1. Securely park it Bobcat 873 safely on an even surface. Then use the brake for parking.
  2. Find the reservoir of hydraulic oil and ensure that it is clean and free of any obstructions.
  3. Choose a container that is suitable to empty the old hydraulic oil making sure that the proper disposal is done in accordance with local regulations.
  4. Replace the filter in the hydraulic oil with a fresh one to ensure clean oil flow.
  5. Fill the reservoir of hydraulic oil by using the hydraulic fluid recommended making sure not to fill it too full.
  6. Then start your Bobcat 873 and let it run with fresh oil. Examine for anomalies or leaks.
  7. Regularly check the hydraulic oil level and the quality, and change the oil according to the recommended frequency.

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Selecting the correct type of hydraulic oil for the Bobcat 873 is essential to maintaining the best performance and increasing the life span of the hydraulic system. 

Take into consideration the specifications such as viscosity, additives, and compatibility when choosing the right hydraulic oil. 

Regular maintenance, which includes checks of system components and oil changes is vital for ensuring smooth operation. 

By adhering to the guidelines and addressing promptly any issues, you will make sure that the hydraulic system is reliable and durable.

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FAQs – bobcat 873 hydraulic oil type

What type of hydraulic oil does a bobcat use?

I couldn’t find Bobcat’s specs on hydraulic oil. I know Bobcat has their own fluids; In most of the skid loaders and hydrostats, the AMSOIL 10W-30 small engine oil works great, as does the 5W-30 tractor transmission/hydraulic oil. If you have a manual on the machine could you send me Bobcat’s specs?

What kind of oil does a Bobcat 753 use?

At the time these machines were new Bobcat recommended Delo 15/40 motor oil for the hydraulic system. 33 gal each. shop foreman for 4 years. The service manual for the 753 says 10/30 oil.

How do I get the value of my Bobcat 873 F?

Whether you need to get the value of your Bobcat 873 F or the valuation of your Skid Steer Loaders fleet, LECTURA Valuation will help. Simply fill in the machine details and see the values for Skid Steer Loaders in a few clicks. Valuate right now!

How often do you change hydraulic oil in your bobcat?

Both machines, with over 10,000 hours, perform well, except for the weakening of the sun-strand hydrostatic pumps. Changing the hydraulic oil (still 15/40 Delo) strengthens their performance for about 6 months. Bobcat initially recommended Delo 15/40 motor oil for the hydraulic system when these machines were new. 33 gal each. shop foreman for 4 years.