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Let’s plan a service schedule or maintenance schedule for your BMW 7 Series E65 / E66 oil change intervals. An oil change is required for smooth performance for your motor.

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BMW 7 series, E65 / E66 (2001 – 2008)

BMW 7 series, E65 / E66 (2001 - 2008)ENGINECAPACITY/FILTER CAPACITY
730i (2002 – 2005)M546.524 months
730i (2005 – 2008)N52 B306.524 months
735i (2001 – 2005)N62824 months
740i (2005 – 2008)N62TU B40824 months
745i (2001 – 2005)N62 B44824 months
750i (2005 – 2008)N62TU B48824 months
760i (2002 – 2008)N738.524 months
730d (2002 – 2008)M57TU8.2524 months
730d DPF (2002 – 2008)M57TU8.2524 months
740d (2002 – 2005)M679.524 months
740d DPF (2002 – 2005)M679.524 months
745d DPF (2005 – 2008)M67TU9.524 months

What Kind Of Oil Does a BMW 750 Take?

For G-generation models: the gasoline version needs synthetic oil 0W30.


For the F-generation models The petrol version needs 5W30 synthetic oils and the diesel version needs 5W40 of synthetic oil. Synthetic oil prolongs the life of engines while providing a comfortable driving experience.

The BMW 750 is a high-performance vehicle, and for that reason, it requires a particular type of oil to ensure it is running at its best. BMW suggests using synthetic motor oil for the BMW 750 in order to guarantee maximum performance.

This type of oil at a majority of automotive shops. Make sure you check the owner’s manual to determine the specific viscosity and weight which is appropriate for your car. The wrong kind of oil could result in reduced engine performance or harm your car.

If you’re looking for an exceptional luxury car that has stunning performance and elegance The BMW 750 should be at the top of your list! Don’t forget to make sure you use the correct oil to have it for a long time to be!

The engine base in the BMW 7 Series is turbocharged inline fours that are powered by petrol. They generate 249 horsepower and are only available on the rear-wheel-drive model. With this setup, the car will reach 100 horsepower in 6.2 seconds, and has an automatic speed limiter that is about 250 km/h and consumes around 7 liters of fuel per 100 km (33 MPG).

The most powerful engine is a true 4.4-liter V8. With two turbochargers, it generates 530 horsepower, can accelerate the car to speeds of 100 km/h (0-60 time) in only 4 minutes, and consumes around 9.5 milliliters (23 MPG) when operating in the same way.

It is the BMW 7 series belongs to the top segment and comes packed with the essential features to provide a safe and comfortable journey.

There are other options as well worth mentioning is the separate multimedia system that is available for rear passengers and door closing as well as a head-up-display, an automatic heater, rear seat vents, and adaptive cruise control, which can keep a safe distance behind the vehicle and laser headlights, an automated parking system, as well as night vision devices.

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