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BMW 318 Engine Oil Capacity: Are you in search of the correct motor oil to fit the BMW 318? Don’t look any further. 

In this complete guide, I’ll go over the recommended capacity of engine oil, popular oils, their advantages, and capacities, as well as the intervals for changing the BMW 318. 


No matter if you’re a first-time BMW 318 proprietor or an avid fan for a long time this guide will give you all the details you require to ensure your engine runs smoothly.

BMW 318 Recommended Engine Oils and Their Benefits

Here Are A few popular engine oil capacities, their costs, and benefits to the BMW 318:


Castrol EDGE 5W-30

    • Capacity: 4.25 liters (4.5 US qt)
    • Average Price: $35
    • Benefits: Improves motor oil strength to engines that are more demanding because of higher pressures, allowing your vehicle to achieve maximum performance.

Mobil 1 0W-40

    • Capacity: 4.25 liters (4.5 US qt)
    • Average Price: $42
    • Benefits: It helps provide exceptional protection for engines And improves performance. It offers exceptional cleaning power for engine soiled And outstanding overall performance.

Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic 5W-30

    • Capacity: 5.2 liters (5.5 US qt)
    • Average Price: $38
    • Benefits: Maintain pistons up to 40% cleaner than the most durable industry standard.

Valvoline High Mileage MaxLife Technology SAE 5W-30

    • Capacity: 5 liters (5.3 US qt)
    • Average Price: $30
    • Benefits: Formulated to increase the life of engines in high mileage engines.

Royal Purple 5W-30 High-Performance Synthetic Motor Oil

    • Capacity: 5 liters (5.3 US qt)
    • Average Price: $45
    • Advantages include better protection for the costly catalytic emission system.

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 BMW (EU) 3 series, E30 (1986 – 1992)

 For BMW 3 Series Maintenance, check the table containing BMW 3 series Engine Oil Capacity with oil change intervals and oil capacities.

It is notable here that the different engine requires varying oil change intervals and oil capacity. These are the models which out-listed from 1986 to 1992 class.

  Engine Engine Oil Capacity Oil change Intervals
 318i (1987 – 1991) m40 4/0.25 i n/a
 318i (1988 – 1991) m40 4/0.25 i n/a
 318i (1989 – 1991) m42 4/0.25 i n/a

 BMW (EU) 3 series, E36 (1990 – 2001)

  Engine Engine Oil Capacity Oil change Intervals
 318i (1990 – 1994) m40 4/0.25i n/a
 318i (1992 – 2000) m42 5/0.25 i n/a
 318is (1992 – 1996) m42 5 i n/a
 318is (1995 – 1999) m44 5 i n/a
 318ti Compact (1994 – 1996) m42 5 i n/a
 318ti Compact (1995 – 2001) m44 5 i n/a
318tds (1994 – 1996)m415.5 in/a
318tds Compact (1994 – 1996)m415.5 in/a
318tds (1996 – 1999)m415 in/a
318tds Compact (1996 – 1999)m415 in/a

 BMW (EU) 3 series, E46 (1998 – 2006)

  Engine Engine Oil Capacity Oil change Intervals
 318i (1998 – 2001) m43TU 4 l 20,000km/24 months
 318i (2001 – 2004) N425 i  4.25 l 20,000km/24 months
 318i (2004 – 2006) 4.25 i4.25 l   20,000km/24 months
 318d (2001 – 2003 5 i 5 i  20,000km/24 months
 318d (2002 – 2004) 5.5 i  5.5 i 20,000km/24 months

 BMW (EU) 3 series, E90 / E91 / E92 (2004 – 2013)

 EngineEngine Oil CapacityOil change Intervals
 318i (2005 – 2007) N46b20 4.25 i 25000km/24 months
 318i (100 kW) (2007 – 2012) N43 4.25i  25000km/24 months
 318i (105 kW) (2007 – 2012) N43 4.25 i  25000km/24 months
 318d (2005 – 2007) M47Tu2 5.5 i 30,000km/24 months
 318d DPF (2005 – 2007) M47Tu2 5.5 i 30,000km/24 months
 318d (100 kW) (2007 – 2012) N47 5. 5 i 30,000km/24 months
318d (100 kW) DPF (2007 – 2012)N475.5 i30,000km/24 months
318d (2007 – 2012)N475.5 i30,000km/24 months
318d DPF (2007 – 2012)N475.5 i30,000km/24 months
318i (105 kW) (2010 – 2013)N434.25 i 25000km/24 months

 BMW (EU) 3 series, F30 / F31 / F80 (2012 – )​​

 EngineEngine Oil CapacityOil change Intervals
318d (2012 – 2015)N47D205.230,000km/24 months
318d xDrive (2013 – 2015)N47D205.230,000km/24 months

FAQs – BMW 318 Engine Oil Capacity

How much oil can the BMW hold?

The majority of engines require between 5 and 8 quarts of oil. For instance, a four-cylinder engine should have a minimum of 5 quarts of oil, while a six-cylinder engine will require about 6 cups of motor oil. Contact us at Richmond BMW a call today and ask any of our customer service advisors to get more details.

How often do you change your oil in the BMW X3?

every 3,000 to 5,000 miles
BMW suggests that you have your 2019 BMW X3 oil & filter replaced every 3,000 to 5,000 miles for regular oil. Be sure to read the owner’s manual as well as your dealer’s to discover the best intervals for your vehicle.

What amount of oil do I need to change in a BMW?

Make changes to BMW Engine Oil by yourself The tools typically cost nothing after just a few times. Turner Motorsports sells an oil change kit, which includes a BMW oil filter seven Quarts of BMW synthetic oil, and an updated drain plug for $89.26 for free shipping.

What kind of oil can the BMW 328i use?

Do you know what type of oil will the BMW 328i require? In the past, many car manufacturers can make use of natural oils. BMW requires the use of synthetic motor oils. However, certain models have different requirements than other models. Synthetic oils are produced using the chemical compound in an environment that is controlled. Synthetic oils are higher priced than natural oils.

How much oil will the engine of a four-cylinder require?

The kind of vehicle you drive and the engine size will determine the amount of oil you will require. A passenger car with four cylinders has less oil usage and more conventional oils than the V-8 high-performance engine. This could be because a V-8 engine may require synthetic motor oil. The average engine will require between 5 and 8 quarts of oil.

Final Word

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