Arctic Cat Bearcat 454 Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Change Cost

Arctic Cat Bearcat 454 Oil Type: This comprehensive guide explains the Arctic Cat Bearcat’s 454 oil type and capacity, As well As the cost of changing the filter and the oil. 

Explore the Arctic Cat Bearcat454 engine world And discover how to keep your engine running smoothly using the right maintenance, oil, and filter tips. 

Find out the benefits of using quality oil And filters As well As the importance of changing your oil regularly to prolong the lifespan of your engine. Do not miss our expert advice regarding Arctic Cat Bearcat 454, engine maintenance.

Arctic Cat Bearcat 454 Oil Type

The oil type recommended for your Arctic Cat Bearcat ATV 454 depends on the model year. Here’s the breakdown:

Year ModelEngine OilGear OilChain Lube
1996-199810W-40 API SJ, SHSAE 80W-90 API GL-4 or GL-5Chain lubricant of high-quality
1999-20065W-40 API SJ, SL or SJSAE 80W-90 API GL-4 or GL-5Chain lubricant of high-quality

Arctic Cats bearcats a 454 oil capacity

The capacity of oil for Arctic Cat Bearcat 454 ATV could vary A bit depending on the particular year of the model And any modifications on the machine. However, the average capacity of oil for this vehicle is Around 2.8 quarters or 2.6 Liters.

 It is recommended to go through the owner’s guide or consult any certified Arctic Cat dealer to get specific information About the oil capacity for your particular type And the year for your Bearcat 454. 

The manufacturer’s guidelines will ensure that you keep the proper oil level to maximize the performance And durability of the engine in your ATV.

Arctic Cat Bearcat oil 454 cat filter

The Arctic Cat Bearcat ATV 454 uses an oil filter that removes contaminants from the motor oil and ensures proper lubrication.

Oil filters for Bearcat 454 can vary depending on the year of the vehicle and any modifications made.

Arctic Cat OEM Oil Filter Part Number 0436-146 is the most common oil filter used for this model.

Consult the owner’s manual or any Arctic Cat dealer accredited to confirm the correct number of oil filters for your Bearcat 454.

The correct oil filter will keep your engine oil cleaner and increase the lifespan of your ATV engine.

Arctic Cat Bearcat 454 Oil Change 

Changing the oil in the engine of your Arctic Cat Bearcat 454 is an easy process. This step-by-step guide will help you to assist you in the procedure:

  1. Get the tools And supplies that you require, such as the correct oil filter drainage pan, socket wrench, And the type of oil recommended.
  2. Place the drain pan under the plug to drain the oil. lift the plug off to let the old oil drain completely.
  3. Once the oil has gone down then replace the drain plug And tighten it up.
  4. Find the oil filter And take it off using an oil wrench for the filter.
  5. Apply A thin layer of oil on the gasket of the oil filter that you have just installed.
  6. Install the replacement filter and tighten it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  7. Fill the recommended amount of new oil in the motor by using the cap on the filling of the oil.
  8. Verify the level of oil by using the dipstick. Add additional oil if needed.
  9. Start the engine and allow it to idle for A couple of minutes to circulate the fresh oil.
  10. Switch off the engine, And then test the oil level again, and adjust if necessary.

FAQs – Arctic cat bearcat 454 oil type

When did the Arctic Cat Bearcat 454 come out?

The Arctic Cat Bearcat 454 is an ATV that was put on the market toward the end of 1995. Arctic Cat, based in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, crafted the Bearcat 454. This company specializes in producing recreational vehicles, including ATVs, snowmobiles,, and watercraft.

What kind of oil does a 1998 Arctic Cat 454 take?

AMSOIL synthetic lubricants are the solution for riders who want the most from their 1998 Arctic Cat 454. They resist extreme heat and stress from aggressive riding or hard work, even in temperature extremes. They deliver excellent wear protection and engine cleanliness while promoting long ATV life.

What is the part number for a Bearcat 454 4×4?

1996 Bearcat 454 4×4 3 Ref. Part No. Qty. Description Ref. Part No. Qty. Description DECALS 0732-340

What is the model number of the Arctic Cat ATV manual?

TM ARCTIC CAT MANUAL ATV ILLUSTRATED PARTS ARCTIC CAT MANUAL 454 4×4 ‘96 (Model No. 96A4A-AP) TM NOTE: The illustrations used in this Parts Manual are for reference to replacement part numbers only and are not to be used for assembly. For assembly procedures, use an Arctic Cat Service Manual.

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Selecting the correct oil for the Arctic Cat Bearcat 454 is crucial to maintaining its efficiency And durability. 

Ensuring top performance for your Bearcat 454 over the years involves adhering to the manufacturer’s recommendations, using premium oil, and following proper maintenance guidelines.

Make sure to consult the owner’s manual And get expert assistance. Enjoy your journey with a properly lubricated and secured engine!

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