6.7 Cummins Engine Specs 2024 ❤️


6.7 Cummins Engine Specs

Its 6.7 Cummins engine comes in two major versions that include it’s the ISB for trucks and the QSB for industrial and marine applications. 

Here’s a summary of their specifications:

Engine TypeInline 6-cylinder, 4-stroke dieselInline 6-cylinder, 4-stroke diesel
Displacement6.7 L (408 cu in)6.7 L (408 cu in)
Bore & Stroke107 mm x 124 mm (4.21 in x 4.88 in)107 mm x 124 mm (4.21 in x 4.88 in)
RotationCounterclockwise-facing flywheelCounterclockwise-facing flywheel
Fuel SystemHigh-Pressure Common RailHigh-Pressure Common Rail
Oil Capacity (qts)1216
Filter TypeFull-flowFull-flow
Filter Change Cost ($)~50~75
Horsepower173-420 hp173-260 hp
Torque430-1,075 lb-ft430-630 lb-ft
ApplicationsPickup trucksMarine, industrial, construction


The 6.7 Cummins engine is A robust well-built diesel engine that has been employed in A variety of applications, like large-duty trucks And SUVs.


Its remarkable specs, such As its power And torque Are what make it A top option for those in search of A powerful engine.


Its 6.7 Cummins engine has undergone numerous design changes, including enhancements like the switch to A CGI engine block for the year 2019 to improve the reliability of the engine.

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