37 HP Vanguard EFI Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Engine Specs


37 HP Vanguard EFI Oil Type: This 37 HP Vanguard EFI engine can be described as a beast, offering high-quality performance and remarkable fuel efficiency across a vast variety of applications.

However, just like all machines that require regular maintenance, this one too needs to be maintained to ensure it’s running efficiently.


One of the most important aspects of maintaining your engine is oil management. That’s the reason this guide is here.

I’ll go over the official guidelines regarding the type of oil used capacity, And filtering, and discuss the estimated price of changing the oil which is all taken directly from the Vanguard website.


37 HP Vanguard EFI Oil Type

To maximize performance and ensure engine life, Vanguard recommends using a SAE 10W-30 API or higher oil for the 37HP EFI engine.

This viscosity of oil is ideal for a variety of operating temperatures. It provides an excellent level of lubrication and security during both hot and cold summer days.

37 HP Vanguard EFI Oil Capacity

The capacity of the oil in the 37HP Vanguard EFI engine is 5.0 Quarts (4.7 Liters). You must fill the engine with the proper amount of oil to ensure proper lubrication And to avoid Any damage that could occur.

37 HP Vanguard EFI Oil Filter

Vanguard suggests the use of their authentic Original oil filter (part number 52345) to get the best engine protection and filtration.

Genuine filters are developed and tested on Vanguard engines, which ensures the highest performance And compatibility.

37 HP Vanguard EFI Oil Change Cost

The price of a change in the oil for your Vanguard 37 HP EFI engine will differ based on whether you perform the work yourself or go to a professional mechanic.

If you’re comfortable doing DIY maintenance, your cost is primarily the filter And oil which can vary between 20 to 40 dollars.

If you’d rather have professional services, be prepared to shell out between $50-$80 for labor And other materials.

37 HP Vanguard EFI Engine Specs 

The Vanguard EFI 37 HP engine is a robust engine that is ideal for a wide range of applications. It is an overhead valve V-twin (OHV) engine that has 993cc of displacement. It has a gross horsepower of 37 at 3600 RPM.

Here are a few principal specifications for this 37HP Vanguard EFI engine:

Model61E3 (Horizontal Shaft), 61E8 (Vertical Shaft)
Horsepower (Gross)37.0 HP
Engine Displacement993 cc
Engine ConfigurationV-Twin OHV
Bore & Stroke3.37″ x 3.41″
Fuel TypeGasoline
Fuel SystemElectronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
Fuel Tank CapacityUnspecified
Oil Capacity52 oz
Compression Ratio8.2:1
Air CleanerFive-Inch Cyclonic
Ignition SystemComputer Controlled Battery Ignition
Lubrication SystemFull Pressure with Spin-on oil Filter
Weight (Dry)125 lbs
LengthHorizontal: 14.92″, Vertical: 23.66″
HeightHorizontal: 28.54″, Vertical: 24.65″
Warranty3 Year Commercial Limited

37 HP Vanguard EFI Oil Change

  1. Get the engine warm by letting it run for 5-10 mins. This will allow the oil to run out more efficiently and thoroughly.
  2. Place the drain pan for oil underneath the drain plug.
  3. Utilize A socket wrench to loosen And then remove the drain plug from the oil. Be cautious, As the oil is hot.
  4. Let the oil be completely drained in the pan that is used for draining.
  5. After the oil has been drained And the drain has been replaced, you can replace the oil plug and tighten it up.
  6. Find the filter for oil. It’s usually located in the rear or the back of the engine block.
  7. Use a socket wrench to remove And loosen the filter. Be sure not to leak any oil.
  8. Clean the mount surface with An abrasive.
  9. Apply a thin coating of fresh oil on the gasket of the New oil filter.
  10. Install the new filter by using your hands until it’s secure. Then tighten it for another 1/4 turn using A socket wrench.
  11. Inject your new oil. Make sure you be sure to check the level of oil frequently while pouring to ensure that you don’t overfill.
  12. The engine should be started And allow it to run for A couple of minutes. Examine for leaks around the drain plug for the oil And filter.
  13. Shut off the engine, and check the level of oil again. If necessary, Add oil to bring the level up to the maximum mark on the dipstick.

FAQs – 37 hp Vanguard efi oil type

What is the warranty on a Vanguard EFI engine?

Backed by Vanguard’s 3-Year Commercial Warranty. Click and drag the image to rotate. Optimizes fuel injection and spark timing so the EFI engine delivers significant fuel savings, greater efficiency, easier starting, and higher productivity.

What kind of engine does Vanguard Big Block have?

Count on this Vanguard BIG BLOCK™ V-Twin EFI engine for increased productivity with reduced fuel consumption and maintenance costs. Designed with debris and air management features that enhance durability and performance plus an oil system that improves lubrication maximizes engine life and extends oil change intervals.

What is the Vanguard® Oil Guard™ system?

The Vanguard® Oil Guard™ System is a revolutionary innovation with a 6-quart system capacity that is located in an external reservoir. This extends the life of the oil and better protects the engine.

What kind of oil do you use in the Vanguard power washer?

For continuous use, such as commercial lawn cutting or pressure washing, use Vanguard 15W-50 Oil (temperatures from 20°F to 130°F). Use a high-quality detergent oil classified “For Service SJ, SL, SM, SN” or higher. Do not add additional additives. Choose a viscosity according to the table above.

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