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327 Engine Oil Type: What weight and type of engine oil should I be using on my ’68 stock 327? Does this engine have a flat tappet cam?

If so, is there a special type of oil to use on it? What if I plan on switching out the cam for a better one, then what type do I need? I have changed the oil in all of my cars before, but they have all been fuel injected, and never as old as a ’68, and really don’t …


FAQ 327 engine oil type

Is the Chevy 327 engine the same as the 325 engine?

The General Motors 5.3 is a 325 engine and is nothing like the old 327 engine. In fact, the 325 engine is not similar in any way to the old 327 engine. Is the Chevy 327 a Good Engine?

Can you put a 327 engine in a 350 Block?

No. Chevy never made a 327 four-bolt main. But this can be done by making one with a large journal with 327 cranks and putting it in a four-bolt 350 block. This is because they both have the same borehole. Do the Heads from a 327 Engine Fit on a 350 Engine?


What is the torque rating of a 327 V8 engine?

The 327 cubic inch displacement top-end carbureted V8 motor has a bore and stroke of 4 inches by 3.25 inches. The torque rating is 350 lb-ft. at 4,000 rpm.


What was the last year for the 327 motors?

1969 was the last year for the 327 and by then there were only two models produced that created 210 and 235 horsepower. Today, engine parts for this motor are plentiful and can be found at any reliable auto parts store.

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