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For the 2014 model year Honda CR-V we have found 6 trims and their corresponding recommended oil type. Click on the name of the trim to open up the panel and learn more about the oil type, volume and change period.

FAQ 2014 crv oil type

What’s the 2014 Honda CRV oil type?

The recommended oil type on Your 2014 Honda CR-V is ·Genuine Honda Motor Oil 0W-20. If You want to know the capacity on Your CR-V then it iS4 US quarts without a filter and 4.2 US quarts with a filter. THe purpose of engine oil is not only to protects the parts inside of Your engine but to keep the engine lubricated.

What kind of oil does a 1999 Honda CRV take?

Remember that engine oil today is much different than in 1999 when these recommended oil values were stated in the instruction manual. Recommended engine oil for the Honda CR-V is 0W-20 synthetic oil, but I recommend that you work with mineral oil for the first 10,000 km.

How much is an oil change for a Honda CRV?

From 2011 onwards, most new Honda vehicles will come ex works with Honda’s synthetic oil 0w-20. Synthetic motor oil brands Honda CR-V Oil Change costs $98 on average. Hey, I’m David.

What kind of oil do you use in your Honda?

Now, with regard to the oil itself, as Lizzard mentioned (above) your Honda store sells to types of "Genuine Honda Motor Oil," one is a semi-synthetic, the other a full synthetic. Both are produced for Honda by ConocoPhillips (one word), the same company that bottles "Motorcraft Motor Oil" for the Ford Motor Co.

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