2013 Honda Civic Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Change Cost


2013 Honda Civic oil type: To ensure that the 2012 Honda Civic runs smoothly And effectively requires regular maintenance, which includes timely oil adjustments. 

This article explains the complexities of choosing an oil type capacity, filter selection, And the costs associated with it giving you the ability to make educated decisions about your vehicle of choice.


Oil type: The kind of oil you pick plays an important role in protecting the engine of your Civic from wear And wear And tear. Honda suggests using An oil blend made of synthetics specifically for the 2013 Civic that offers better performance and protection when over to traditional oils.

Capacity for Oil: The capacity of the oil tank in the 2013 Civic will depend on the type of engine. In the case of the conventional 1.8L engine, the capacity is 3.7 quarters, whereas the 2.0L engine needs 4.4 4 quarts. In excess or not meeting the capacity recommended can result in damage to the engine.


Oil filter: Oil filters are a vital element that eliminates dirt from the oil in your Civic. Honda suggests changing the filter each when you change your oil. A high-quality filter will ensure the best filtration And protection for your engine.

Oil Change Price: The price of the oil change on your 2013 Civic is contingent upon the location, the type of oil you use, And whether you decide to go with a professional or A DIY method. You should expect to spend between $40-$100 for An average oil change.

2013 Honda Civic Oil Type

2013 Honda Civic Oil Type

The recommended type of oil for 2013. Honda Civic is 0W-20 fully synthetic motor oil. This kind of oil has been specifically made for the latest Honda engines And delivers the highest efficiency and security in every driving situation. 

It is essential to utilize only Synthetic fluid in your Civic as Traditional oil might not offer sufficient lubrication and security.

This table lists the Recommended oil types and the capacity of the Honda Civic in 2013. Honda Civic:

   Engine Type      Oil Type      Capacity   
   1.8L      0W-20 full synthetic      3.7 quarts   
   2.0L      0W-20 full synthetic      4.4 quarts   

2013 Honda Civic Oil Capacity 

The capacity of the oil in the 2013 Honda Civic depends on the engine model. In the case of the conventional 1.8L engine, it is 3.7 quarters. 

The 2.0L engine needs 4.4 4 quarts. If you exceed or fall short of the recommended capacity could cause to the engine be damaged.

This table summarizes the capacity of oil for the 2013, Honda Civic:

EngineCapacity of Oil
1.8L3.7 quarts
2.0L4.4 quarts

2013 Honda Civic Oil Filter

The recommended oil filter for the 2013. Honda Civic is an oil filter that is Honda-branded and can be bought at a Honda dealership or auto parts retailer. Its part code for Honda’s oil filters is 15400-RTA-013.

Here are some more compatible oil filters that work with a Honda Civic in 2013. Honda Civic:

  • Wix 51334
  • Fram Ph7317
  • The Purolator P14445
  • Bosch 3300
  • K&N HP-1006

It is crucial to utilize a premium engine oil filter in the Honda Civic. A cheap oil filter may not have the proper filtration and may cause damage to the engine.

2013 Honda Civic Engine Specs

The 2013 Honda Civic came with a range of engine choices depending on trim level and body type. Here’s the breakdown:

Engine & Transmission:Trim Levels (Sedan/Coupe)Horsepower at RPMTorque (lb-ft) @ RPMFuel Efficiency (City/Highway).
Manual 5-speed 1.8L I4LX, DX140 @ 6500128 @ 430028/36 (Sedan)
1.8L 5-speed I4 AutomaticLX, DX140 @ 6500128 @ 430028/39 (Sedan)
The 2.0L I4 5-speed automatic is a new version of the popular 2.0L I4 engine.Si201 @ 7500 (205 hp in 2014)170 @ 430025/31 (Sedan)
1.5L I4 CVTHF110 @ 6600127 @ 480040/45 (Sedan)
1.9L CVTHybrid110 @ 5500 + 20 electric motor hp123 @ 4000 + 238 electric motor lb.ft47/51 (Sedan)

2013 Honda Civic Oil Change  

You can follow these simple steps to change the oil in a Honda Civic 2013.

  1. To begin, you will need the following: A new oil filter; the right amount of motor oil (5W-20); a socket or wrench set for removing drain plugs; an oil filter tool, a drain pan, and gloves.
  2. Prepare the vehicle. Park the car in a level area and apply the parking brake. Allow the engine a few minutes to cool.
  3. The oil drain plug can be found on the bottom part of the engine oil pan. To remove the drain, use a socket set or a wrench.
  4. Drain the oil: Place a drain pan underneath the drain plug, and let the old oil drain completely. Once the oil is drained from the plug, clean it and install it again.
  5. Replace the oil filters: Locate the filter. The oil filter is usually located at the side of the motor. An oil filter wrench is used to remove the old one. Apply a thin coat of oil to the gasket on the new oil filters, then install them by hand. Tighten the filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  6. Add new oil by finding the cap located on top of the engine. Remove the cap from the oil filler and pour the new oil into your engine. Refer to your owner’s manual to determine the proper oil capacity. Use the dipstick to check the oil levels after adding approximately 3/4 of the recommended quantity. Add oil slowly until it reaches “Full”, or the “Max” mark, on the dipstick.
  7. Tighten the oil filler caps: Once you have reached the correct level of oil, it is important to tighten them.
  8. Clean up: Wipe any oil spilled and secure all components.

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It is important to choose the correct oil type for your Honda Civic 2013 to maintain its performance and longevity. 

You can protect the engine and ensure optimal lubrication by following the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

By regularly changing and checking the oil and avoiding common errors, you can ensure that your Honda Civic runs smoothly and reliably.

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FAQs – 2013 Honda Civic oil type

How much oil does the 2013 Honda Civic take?

The 2013 Honda Civic engine oil capacity is 3.9 US quarts (3.7 liters). Honda advises using SAE classification 0W-20 with the API Certification Seal for the 2013 Honda Civic.

What is the oil type of a Honda Civic Hybrid?

Oil type 5W-30, 0W-30 Engine Civic Hybrid Capacity 3,2-3,6 L (Service fill), Filter capacity 0,2 L Change interval 10000 km/ 6 months Oil type 5W-30, 10W-40, 5W-40, 0W-30, 0W-20, 0W-40

What kind of oil does a 2005 Honda Civic FD3 take?

Civic FD3 (2005-2021) oil type Civic Hybrid Engine 3,2-3,6 L (Service Fill), 0,2 L (Filter Capacity), 10000 km/ 6 months 0W-30 and 5W-30 oil types Civic Hybrid Engine: 3,2-3,6 L (Service Fill), 0.2 L (Filter) 10000 km/six months is the change interval. 5W-30, 10W-40, 5W-40, 0W-30, 0W-20, and 0W-40 oil types

Can I use mobile brand oil in my Honda Civic?

There are mobile brand engine oils that are suitable for Honda models such as the Honda Civic, as well as oils that are suitable for the Honda Accord models. Which oil should I buy for my Honda? It is important to use the right oil in your car to meet Honda’s manufacturer’s specifications.