2012 Honda Accord 2.4 Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Change Cost


2012 Honda Accord 2.4 oil type: Inspecting And maintaining the 2011 Honda Accord is essential for maintaining its durability And performance. 

A major and important element of car maintenance is periodic oil replacements. But what kind of oil will your Accord require? What amount of oil will it require? What’s the typical cost of changing your oil?


In this thorough guide, I’ll explore all the complexities of Accord oil changes, and provide you with the details that you need to ensure that your vehicle is running smoothly. 

I’ll go over the Recommended type of oil capacity, filter type, And the cost of changing it to ensure that you can make educated decisions regarding the maintenance of your Accord.


No matter if you’re a veteran auto enthusiast or just a new driver this guide will give you the necessary Information to ensure your Accord stays in A top state of repair. 

Let’s start now And make sure that your Accord remains an excellent companion for many more miles!

2012 Honda Accord 2.4 oil Type

The oil type recommended for 2012. Honda Accord 2.4L is 0W-20 synthetic motor oil. This type of oil is specifically designed to offer the best protection to your engine, particularly in frigid weather. It also improves the efficiency of your engine and decreases emissions.

2012 Honda Accord 2.4 oil capacity

The capacity of oil for 2012. Honda Accord with a 2.4-liter engine is 4.4 quarters (or 4.2 Liters) when the filter is changed as well at the time of the oil change.

Check your car’s owner’s handbook for the latest oil capacity and maintenance information. The manufacturer’s advice can assist in maintaining the maximum performance of your car’s engine.

2012 Honda Accord 2.4 oil filter

The filter for the oil in 2012. Honda the Accord 2.4L is Honda part number 15400-P35A. This filter is specifically designed to eliminate contaminants from your engine oil, assisting to keep your engine running clean and smoothly. 

It is crucial to select the right oil filter for the car you drive because the incorrect filter can cause damage to your engine.

Here are the top oil filters to fit a 2011 Honda Accord 2.4L:

  • Honda 15400-P35A: It is the original oil filter that fits the 2012 Honda Accord 2.4L It is a good choice, and it is an ideal choice when you are seeking a premium filter that is certain to work with the car you drive.
  • Mobil 1 M1-110A: This is an oil filter made of synthetic material that is made to provide the best protection to your engine. It is an excellent option for vehicles that are driven in winter conditions.
  • K&N HP-1008: The HP-1008 is a very high-performance filter for oil that is specifically designed to offer the best protection to your engine. It is the ideal option for vehicles that are extremely driven like automobiles that are race-oriented or for towing.

Whatever oil filter you select It is essential to replace filters every 7500 to 5,000 miles or more frequently if travel in extreme conditions.

2012 Honda Accord 2.4 oil change

Here are the steps for changing the oil on a 2011 Honda Accord with a 2.4-liter engine:

  1. Get the essential materials ready: The items you’ll need are an oil filter Replacement and the right volume of oil (4.4 quarts or 4.2 Liters) as well as drain pans as well as a wrench and a funnel.
  2. Start the engine by warming it up by running the engine for several minutes to heat the oil. This will allow it to flow more quickly.
  3. Remove the old oil: by locating the drain plug beneath the vehicle, And then place the drain pan on top of it. Utilize a wrench to take out the drain plug. Allow the oil you used to completely drain.
  4. Remove And replace your oil filter: Lubricate the replacement filter’s gasket with oil before installing it.

  5. Incorporate new oil: After the old oil is drained and the drain plug is replaced, you can replace it and use a funnel to put in the proper amount of fresh oil (4.4 Quarts or 4.2 Liters).
  6. Verify that the oil is at the proper level: Check the oil level using the dipstick, and if required, add more to raise it to the right level.
  7. Clean up: Wipe away any oil that is left and get rid of the old filter and oil properly.

That’s it! You’ve performed an oil change in your 2012 Honda Accord with a 2.4-liter engine. It’s essential to do regular oil changes to guarantee the longevity and maximum performance of the engine in your car.

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Selecting the correct oil for your Honda Accord 2.4 is essential for the durability and efficiency of your vehicle.

Make sure to read your owner’s manual to select the recommended viscosity and type of oil, and replace your oil on a regular basis.

You can ensure that your engine runs smoothly and lasts for many years by taking these precautions.

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FAQs – 2012 honda accord 2.4 oil type

How much oil does the 2012 Honda Accord take?

The 2012 Honda Accord has 2.4L and 3.5L engine oil capacity is 4.2L and 4.5L US quarts. 

What’s the 2003 to 2007 Honda Accord oil type?

The 2003 to 2007 Honda Accord oil type remained 5W-30, with Honda also mentioning synthetic oils.

What is the best oil for a high-mileage Honda Accord?

Although you can continue to use conventional oil in Honda Accords that have over 100,000 miles, the best oil for high-mileage Honda Accord is a full synthetic or at least a synthetic blend. Most manufacturers say you can switch from conventional to synthetic without any problems. Then again, it’s your discretion at the end of the day.

Are engine oil requirements the same for all Honda models?

Typically, the oil requirements are the same within the same generation of models. However, the capacities can vary by year, especially by variants. For instance, Honda 2.2 i-CTDi engine oil may be different and may have a different capacity than the V6 engines.

What kind of oil type should I use on my 2011 Honda Accord 2.4?

The recommended type of oil for this model is synthetic oil 0W-20.

Can I use 100% synthetic oil instead of blended synthetic oil, or even conventional?

Yes, 100% synthetic oil is suggested for this particular vehicle.

How often do I have to replace the oil on the Honda Accord 2.4?

The oil needs to be replaced at least every 7,500 miles or once at least every twelve months or whichever occurs first.

What if I wanted to utilize a different type of oil other than the one suggested?

Yes, so it meets the specifications recommended by the manufacturer and has the right viscosity.