2001 Yamaha Big Bear 400 Oil Type, Capacity & Change Cost


2001 Yamaha Big Bear 400 Oil Type: To ensure that your 2001 Yamaha Big Bear 400 runs smoothly and efficiently is a matter of regular oil adjustments. 

However, with the wide range of options for oil choosing the best option and figuring out the changing procedure can seem overwhelming. 


This complete guide will provide you with the information needed to make educated choices regarding your ATV’s oil maintenance.

I’ll discuss the recommended oil size and type of the Yamaha Big Bear 400, making sure you select the oil that is most appropriate for the conditions of your ride. 


I’ll also walk you through the changing of your oil procedure, giving step-by-step directions and providing a list of the required equipment and supplies.

No matter if you’re an experienced mechanic or an amateur at DIY, this manual will enable you to keep the Yamaha Big Bear 400’s engine’s longevity and health.

2001 Yamaha Big Bear 400 Oil Type

2001 Yamaha Big Bear 400 oil type

The most recommended type of oil for the 2001 Yamaha Big Bear 400 is a synthetic motor oil of 10W-40. This kind is an oil that is specifically formulated specifically for engines with four strokes and is extremely protective from wear and tear. It also provides an even clutch experience and helps to avoid premature engine failure.

Here are some of the most highly-rated 10W-40 synthetic motor oils that are suitable for the year 2001. Yamaha Big Bear 400:

  • Ayamlube All Purpose 10W-40
  • AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke(r) Powersports 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil
  • Royal Purple Max Cycle 10W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil
  • Mobil 1 Synthetic 10W-40 Mobil Oil
  • Castrol GTX 10W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil

When selecting an oil to use with your 2001 Yamaha Big Bear 400, it is crucial to ensure that the oil meets the JASO MA2 specifications. This standard assures it is is in line with the system of wet clutch in your ATV.

2001 Yamaha Big Bear 400 Oil Capacity

2001 Yamaha Big Bear 400 has an oil capacity of 3.7 Quarts. It is recommended to use 10W-40 synthetic motor oil for ATVs and UTVs since it is more secure for extreme temperatures as well as weather conditions. 

Always refer to the owner’s manual to determine the kind of oil suggested by Yamaha. When changing your oil is important to replace the filter. is crucial to change the filter on your oil.

2001 Yamaha Big Bear 400 Oil Filter

The most recommended oil filter for this 2001 Yamaha Big Bear 400 is that of Yamaha part number 1UY-13440-02-01. 

There are many number of alternative compatible oil filters in the marketplace. When you are choosing an oil filter is important to consider the size and thread. is crucial to ensure you are using one that is the right dimension and thread size for your ATV. 

It is important to ensure that the filter you choose should be sure it is constructed of high-quality components and is well-sealed to avoid leaks.

Below are the top three well-known oil filters that were used in the year 2001. Yamaha Big Bear 400:

  • Caltric Oil Filter (1UY-13440-02-00)
  • K&N Motorcycle Oil Filter (KN-142)
  • AHL Oil Filter (142)
  • Boyesen Oil Filter (YFM400)
  • Emgo Oil Filter (19168)

These filters are top-quality and will effectively remove dirt debris, dirt and other pollutants from the engine oil of your ATV. They are also reasonably priced and you can choose one that will fit your budget.

2001 Yamaha Big Bear 400 Oil Change

To change the oil on a Yamaha Big Bear 400 2001, follow these simple steps:

  1. Warm the engine for about a minute to improve the flow of oil.
  2. Find the oil drain on the bottom. Place a pan below the plug to catch any old oil.
  3. Unscrew and drain the oil completely from the pan.
  4. If you find any metal shavings on the drain plug, clean it. Clean it as necessary.
  5. Replace the plug And tighten it tightly.
  6. Locate the oil filter on the engine. Using an old oil filter wrench or with your hand, remove it carefully.
  7. Before installing the oil filter, spread a thin coat of clean lubricant on the rubber gasket.
  8. Install the oil filter by hand. Once it is snugly fitted, tighten a further 3/4 to 1 turning.
  9. It’s time for a new lubricant. Refer to your manual for information on the Recommended type of oil.
  10. Remove the oil dipstick or cap And pour in new oil. Please do not overfill.
  11. Replace the oil fill cap or the dipstick after adding oil.
  12. Start your engine and run it for a short time to circulate all the new oils. You should check for leaks at the drain plug or oil filter.
  13. Wait for a minute or two until the oil settles.
  14. Check the oil level with a dipstick or sight glass to make sure it’s within the Recommended range. Add more if required.
  15. Recycle the oil and filter after cleaning up spilled oils.
  16. Record the date, the mileage, And the time of the oil changes for future use.

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It’s important to select the right oil for your 2001 Yamaha Big Bear 400 if you want it to perform at its best, be reliable, and last a long time.

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation and consider factors such as weather and riding conditions to ensure that your ATV will be in perfect condition for all of your off-road excursions.

Regular maintenance will ensure that your Yamaha Big Bear 400 runs smoothly for many more years.

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FAQs – 2001 Yamaha Big Bear 400 Oil Type

What kind of oil does a Yamaha Big Bear 400 take?

The Yamaha Big Bear 400 requires 3.7 quarts/3.5 liters of engine oil (disassembled), 3.1 quarts/2.9 liters (without), and 3.2 quarts/3 liters with oil filter replacement. The recommended engine oils are YAMALUBE 4 SAE 5W-30, 10W-30, or 20W-40, and it’s equivalent.

How much is a 2001 Yamaha Big Bear 400 worth?

The average retail value is between $1,175 and $4,050 based on Nada Guides pricing. Kelly Blue Book value for a 2001 Yamaha Big Bear 400 is $1,510 when trading in at a dealership.

The Yamaha Big Bear 400 is the 17th model released by Yamaha since its 1980 Tri-Moto launched in the U.S. The Yamaha Big Bear 400 was initially designed for work and carried the same terminology as its 1987 350-class predecessor.

Does the Yamaha Big Bear 400 have flaws?

For secondhand Big Bear purchases, the wheeler would naturally have washed-out plastics and rusted racks. Aftermarket brake shoes are too small for the rear drum. Furthermore, some Big Bears experience recurring, inexplicable battery drains.