2010 Honda Accord Oil Type, Capacity [Update 2024] ❤️

2010 Honda Accord oil type: In this article, we will cover this information so that you can change the oil in your 2010 Accord without issue.

What type of oil does the 2010 Honda Accord use And what is its capacity? For 2010 Honda Accord models that come equipped with A four-cylinder engine, 4.2 quarts of SAE 5W-20 oil are required. For models that come equipped with a six-cylinder …

2010 Honda Accord Oil Type

2010 Honda Accord oil type

The 2010 Honda Accord needs SAE 5W-20 engine oil. Honda recommends that the 0W-20 oil be used for the 4-cylinder engine. This will improve engine performance and fuel economy. The oil capacity of the 2010 Honda Accord ranges from 4.2 to 4.5 quarts. Both synthetic and conventional oil will work in this vehicle. Here are some examples and capacities of oil for the 2010 Honda Accord.

  • Drive Accord Honda Forums: SAE 5W-20 Oil.
  • 0W-20 synthetic motor oil is recommended for engines with four cylinders.
  • Insurance Navy: SAE5W-20
  • Engine Oil: 4.2 Quarts SAE 5W-20 engine oil for four-cylinder models, 4.5 Quarts SAE 5W-20 engine oil for six-cylinder models.
  • Jerry Insurance: 4.2-5 quarts of SAE5W-20 motor oils. Both synthetic and conventional oils will work.

2010 Honda Accord Oil Capacity

Oil capacity for a Honda Accord 2010 depends on the engine type. For models equipped with a four-cylinder engine, oil capacity is equal to 4.2 quarts SAE-5W-20. Models with a six-cylinder engine have an oil capacity of 4.5 quarts SAE oil 5W-20. Below are some examples of the oil capacities for the 2010 Honda Accords:

  • Engine oil capacity: 4.2 quarts SAE 5-W-20 engine oil for models that have a 4-cylinder motor. Models with a six-cylinder engine require 4.5 Quarts of SAE5W-20 oil.
  • It Still Runs: A synthetic motor oil of 4.3 quarts with a recommended weight (5W-20) for models with 4-cylinder engines.
  • Honda Odyssey Forum – The actual oil capacity is 5.3 quarts for A Honda Accord 2010, but A change only takes 4.5 quarts.

What type of oil do you recommend for a Honda Accord model year 2010?

The recommended oil type is SAE 5W-20 for a Honda Accord 2010. Honda recommends using 0W-20 oil in the 4-cylinder engine to get better engine performance and fuel efficiency. However, either conventional or synthetic oil will be suitable for this car. Here are a few examples of oil types suitable for the 2010 Honda Accord.

  • Drive Accord Honda Forums: SAE 10W-20 Oil.
  • 0W-20 synthetic lubricant for 4-cylinder engines.
  • SAE 5W-20, Insurance Navy.
  • Engine Oil Capacity SAE 5W-20 is the recommended oil for four-cylinder and six-cylinder models.
  • Jerry Insurance: SAE 10W-20 motor oils. Conventional and synthetic oils both work.

How often should you change the oil in a Honda Accord?

The recommended interval between oil changes for a Honda Accord in 2010 varies based on the oil type. The oil should be replaced every 3,000 to 5,001 miles, or every six months if you use conventional oil. If you’re using synthetic oil, oil changes can be done every 7,500-10,000 miles or once every six months. Here are a couple of examples of oil changes for the 2010 Honda Accord.

  • Power Oil Center: You should change your synthetic oil between 7,500 and 10,000 miles or once every six months.
  • Firestone Complete auto care: Honda’s recommendation for oil-change intervals is found on the maintenance schedule chart located at the top.
  • Jerry Insurance says that if you are using conventional oil the oil should only be changed once every 3,000 to 5,001 miles, or about every six months. If you are using synthetic oils, the oil-change interval can be increased to every 7,500 to 10000 miles or once every six months.
  • Honda Kingsport Many synthetic oils can last 7,500-10,000 miles before oil changes.
  • Ike Honda. Modern Hondas would usually require an oil replacement after every 5,000-7.500 miles.

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Based on the information that I had at the time of my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021 for A Honda Accord 2010, 5W-20 oil is recommended. The specific oil recommendation can change depending on factors like climate and engine condition.

For the most current and accurate information, you should always consult the owner’s manual or contact A Honda-certified dealership. The dealership will have the latest and most accurate information about your vehicle.

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What’s the 2003 to 2007 Honda Accord oil type?

The 2003 to 2007 Honda Accord oil type remained 5W-30, with Honda now also mentioning synthetic oils. The four-cylinder inline engine takes 4.4 quarts, while the V6 engine takes about 4.6 quarts.

What is the best oil for a 2011 Honda Accord?

The Mobile 1 Extended Performance Advanced Full Synthetic 5W-20 motor oil is the best overall for the majority of Honda Accord models up until 2011. It’s great for both low-mileage and high-mileage cars as it’s fully synthetic. Mobil 1 is an instantly recognizable name in the US, as their oils are high-quality.

How many quarts of oil does a Honda Accord take?

The Honda Accord’s oil capacity has changed slightly in recent models. The 1.5-liter engine takes 3.4 quarts, while the bigger 2.0-liter takes up to 4.6 quarts. You should be fine purchasing a 5-quart bottle for a Honda Accord, as no model exceeds five quarts in capacity.