2008 Honda Accord 3.5 VTEC Oil Type [Update 2023] ❤️

2008 Honda Accord 3.5 VTEC Oil Type: The Honda Accord 2008 3.5 VTEC is a stunning car that is renowned for its performance and dependability. 

To make sure that the engine in your Accord runs efficiently, it is essential to make use of the correct oil and to adhere to the recommended intervals for oil changes. 

In this complete guide, I’ll explore the top engine oils for the Honda Accord 3.5 VTEC in 2008. Honda Accord 3.5 VTEC, with its advantages As well As its capacity and costs.

If you know the right oils for the Accord it is possible to keep the engine in a good state and have a smooth driving experience.

2008 Honda Accord 3.5 VTEC Oil Type

In 2008, for the Honda Accord 3.5 VTEC, the recommended oils were 5W-20 5W-20, And 0W-20. These viscosities of oil are specially created to provide the required protection and lubrication to the engine to ensure maximum performance, particularly during cold start-ups.

2008 Honda Accord 3.5 VTEC Recommended Oil Brands As Well As Their Benefits And Capacity

  • Mobil 1 Extended Performance High Mileage Full-Synthetic 5W-20: This oil has been specifically designed to provide superior protection And lasts longer between oil replacements, making it the perfect option for the 2008 Honda Accord 3.5 VTEC engine.
  • Castrol Edge Advanced Full Synthetic: 5W-20: Castrol Edge offers the highest level of safety and performance while assuring the durability of the engine And reducing wear in different driving conditions.
  • Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic 5W-20: offers the highest level of protection and performance, making it a sought-after option for the new 2008 Honda Accord 3.5 VTEC engine.

The capacity of the oil of the engine in 2008 for the Honda Accord 3.5 VTEC engine is generally about 4.2 to 4.3 quarters, however, it’s essential to check the owner’s manual to determine the exact amount.

2008 Honda Accord 3.5 VTEC Oil Change Interval

The interval between oil changes of the 2008 Honda Accord 3.5 VTEC engine typically is between 5,000 and 7500 miles or as suggested according to the specifications of the manufacturer. 

Monitoring the oil level regularly and changing it when it is dirty or contaminated is essential for ensuring the engine’s maximum performance and durability.

FAQs – 2008 Honda Accord 3.5 vtec oil type

What kind of oil does a 2008 Honda Accord take?

Engine Oil. The 2008 Accord’s 2.4-liter engine has a total oil capacity of 5.6 quarts. When performing just an oil and filter change, the 2.3-liter engine requires 4.4 quarts of oil. Honda recommends using standard, API-certified 5W-20 oil; however, you can use synthetic oil.

How to change the oil in a Honda VTEC engine?

Insert the automotive funnel into the oil filler hole. The Honda VTEC 3.5L V6 engine’s oil capacity specification for an oil change with filter replacement is 4.5 U.S. quarts (or 4.3 Liters) of SAE 5W-20 oil. It is much better to have slightly less oil than necessary in an engine than to overfill it.

How much horsepower does a 2008 Honda Accord have?

The 2008 Accord came standard with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine that produced an impressive 177 horsepower. Part of owning an Accord, and any vehicle, is maintaining it correctly.

How many generations of Honda Accord engine oil are there?

We analyzed official data on Honda Accord engine oil for 11 generations and 58 modifications produced from 1984 to 2022 and figured out the optimal liquids. 4th Gen 4Runner With TRD Wheels.

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The type of oil you use and your maintenance practices greatly influence the performance And longevity of your 2008 Honda Accord 3.5 VTEC.

You can prolong the life of your Honda by using the recommended oil types and adhering to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.

Always use genuine Honda parts and fluids, and if you’re not confident handling maintenance yourself, have a professional handle it.

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