Yard machine snow blower oil type

Yard Machine snow thrower engines, depending on the model, have either a quarter-turn oil fill cap or a threaded oil fill cap. The type of cap determines how you will check the oil level in your …

FAQ yard machine snow blower oil type

Where to buy yard machines snow blowers?

The Yard Machines lineup consist of single-stage and two-stage gas powered snow blowers. They are available to purchase at Walmart, Ace Hardware, TrueValue, and Blain’s Farm & Fleet. Below is a list of their current products broken down by type.

What kind of snowblower do I need for my yard?

Yard Machines Snow Blowers Hardworking and hard to beat, Yard Machines snow blowers come in two size capacities: single stage and two-stage. Single stage snow blowers may be used for smaller jobs, in moderate snowfalls. For very heavy and wet snowfalls, a two-stage model may be required.

How much oil does a snow thrower engine hold?

The oil capacity of the snow thrower’s engine depends on the engine size. The 123cc, 179cc and 208cc engines have a 20-ounce oil capacity.

What kind of oil do you use in a snowblower?

Motor oils with the recommended viscosity, 5W-30 or synthetic 0W-30, keep the engine running smoothly in the coldest winter conditions. The manufacturer warns that non-detergent or 2-cycle motor oils will damage and shorten the life of the engine.

MTD Yard Machine snow blower maintenance & oil change

Yard Machine 10 HP Snow Blower Oil Change

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