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What type oil in Yamaha xj600? 20W40 with no friction modifiers is what is called out for my XJ600s. What type of oil does a 2003 model Yamaha R1 use? 10w-40.

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What kind of oil does a Yamaha PW80 take?

Yamalube 4, 10W-30, is recommended for a Yamaha PW80. Yamalube is the Yamaha brand of oil, and the total oil capacity is 0.75 liters on the Yamaha PW80. The Yamaha PW80 has a two-stroke engine. There are two areas for oil on the PW80, one is the transmission and the other oil is mixed directly with the gasoline.

What kind of oil do you put in a Yamaha outboard?

Your Yamaha outboard is vastly different from your automotive engine; so avoid regular automotive engine oils. Use a motor oil specifically formulated for the rigors of the marine environment, like Yamalube ® 4M for four-stroke outboards, and Yamalube ® 2M for two-stroke outboards. Let’s look at a few reasons why: Engine load.

How do I change the oil on my Yamaha outboard?

But if you prefer to do it yourself, your Yamaha Marine dealer can set you up with a Genuine Yamalube Oil Change Kit, specific to your Yamaha outboard. It includes the right type and amount of Yamalube marine oil, a Genuine Yamaha oil filter and a drain gasket. Everything you’ll need to do the job right.

Where is the correct oil level on a Yamaha outboard motor?

The correct oil level indication is at the mid-point of the pattern. Use caution when filling or adding oil. Yamaha four-stroke outboards have a tapered oil sump design (smaller at the top than the bottom), so the closer the oil level is to full, the faster it fills. Therefore, add oil slowly and in small amounts, and do not attempt to “top off.”

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