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The recommended oil type for every engine on the 2017 Civic is the same: a full-synthetic 0W-20 motor oil. Capacity, however, varies from 3.4 quarts on 1.5L (91 ci) models to 5.7 quarts on the 2.0L models.

2017 Honda Civic Type Type of oil

The 2017 Honda Civic normally uses synthetic lubricant with a grade of viscosity no higher than 0W-20. 

Consult your owner’s handbook or contact a Honda Dealership for the latest and most accurate information about the specific oil type, maintenance requirements, and other details for your car.

2017 honda Civic Oil Capacity

The specific engine models will determine the oil capacity of a Honda Civic 2017. In general, the oil capacity for a 2017 Honda Civic can range from 3.7 to 44 quarts with a change of filter. 

You should always consult your owner’s book or a Honda dealership in order to find out the exact capacity.

Understanding the Different Types of Oil

Each type of oil has its own benefits and properties. Knowing the distinctions helps you choose. Synthetic oil, conventional oil, and high-mileage oils are the main types of oil that vehicles use.

This section will describe each type in depth, highlighting its characteristics and appropriate applications.

Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oils are designed to protect and provide better performance in modern engines. It is manufactured through a complex procedure that produces a more durable and consistent oil molecule.

Synthetic oils offer excellent viscosity stabilization, superior resistance to corrosion, and improved protection against engine deposits.

This type of oil for the Honda Civic 2017 is highly recommended and is especially beneficial when driving in high temperatures or under high-performance conditions.

Conventional oil

Mineral oil is made from crude petroleum through a refinement process. It is the conventional oil used in many vehicles. Conventional oil can provide adequate lubrication.

However, it can break down faster under high temperatures and heavy loads compared to synthetic oils.

If used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, conventional oil is still an option for Honda Civic 2017.

High-Mileage oil

It is specially designed for vehicles that have higher mileage, usually over 75,000. It contains additives that help reduce oil leaks, lower oil consumption, and condition old seals and gaskets.

If you have a Honda Civic 2017 that has exceeded this mileage threshold, high-mileage oils can help protect the engine and prolong its life.

Blended oil

Blended oils combine synthetic and conventional oil to achieve a balance of performance and cost. The oil has some of the same benefits as synthetic oils but is more affordable. Blended oil may be the best option for Honda Civic 2017 drivers looking for an intermediate choice.

Recommended Oil Types Honda Civic 2017

Honda’s recommendation and the engine specifications for the Civic 2017 indicate that the most common oil types to use are 0W-20. 5W-20. and 5W-30. These viscosity classes provide the perfect balance between engine performance and fuel economy.

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You should consult the owner’s guide or a trusted mechanic for exact specifications on your Honda Civic 2017.

2017 Honda Civic Oil Filter

The type of oil filter used in a Honda Civic 2017 depends on its engine model. There are different oil filter options for different engines. 

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), designed specifically by Honda, is most commonly the oil filter used on the 2017 Honda Civic. 

Purolator Bosch Fram K&N are some of the other well-known brands that sell compatible oil for the Honda Civic 2017. 

It is important to select a filter compatible with your particular engine variant and that meets the manufacturer’s specifications. Consult the Honda dealership or your vehicle owner’s handbook for recommendations on oil filters.

2017 Honda Civic Oil Change

The following steps are required to perform an oil change on a Honda Civic 2017.

  1. Then, gather the necessary items: a new filter, engine oil in the right amount (typically synthetic 0W-20), oil filter wrenches, socket wrenches or adjustable wrenches, a drainage pan and gloves.
  2. Prepare the vehicle. Make sure that the engine has cooled down and park the car on an even surface. Lift the front part of the vehicle with ramps or a lift jack. Make sure it is secured properly.
  3. Locate the oil drain plug. It is usually found on the bottom pan of the engine. Place the drain pan under it to catch any old oil.
  4. Drain the old oil by removing the drain plug with the appropriate wrench. Allow the oil to drain into the drain pan. The oil could be hot.
  5. Replace the old oil filter. The oil filter is typically located on the engine side. An oil filter wrench is used to remove the old filter counterclockwise. Apply a thin coat of oil to rubber gaskets on new filters before installing them. By hand, screw the new filter in until it’s snug. Give it an extra three-quarters of a turn or one full.
  6. Replace the drain plug. Once the old oil is drained, clean it and replace the washer if required. Use the appropriate wrench to tighten the drain plug. Take care not to overtighten.
  7. Remove the cap that covers the oil filler on the top of your engine. Pour new oil using a funnel. Use the amount and type recommended by the manufacturer. The owner’s manual will tell you the exact oil capacity.
  8. Check the oil level. After adding the new engine oil, allow it to settle for a few minutes. Check the oil level using the dipstick. Ensure the oil is within the range recommended.
  9. Clean up: Remove the vehicle from ramps and jacks. Reinstall the oil cap.

Recycle your used oil at a designated center, or take it to a service station. You can also consult the owner’s guide or a certified mechanic to get detailed instructions for your 2017 Honda Civic.

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It is important to choose the correct oil for your Honda Civic 2017 in order to maintain its performance, efficiency, and longevity.

Understanding the various types of oils, taking into consideration different factors, and following the guidelines will ensure that your Honda Civic 2017 is in top condition.

Consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual for more information and seek expert advice if necessary. Honda Civic 2017 will last longer with regular oil changes.

FAQ What type of oil honda civic 2017

What’s the 2017 Honda Civic’s oil type and capacity?

The 2017 Honda Civic oil type and capacity is 0w-20 and 3.4 quarts. Your oil needs to be replaced eventually. Every 5,000 to 10,000 miles is a good rule of thumb.

What are the years of the Honda Civic oil type?

The years available stretch from 1993 through to 2020 and to view the oil type and capacity you just click to expand. Tracing its roots back to the early 1970s the Honda Civic has always been sold as a small car, first classified as a subcompact car before growing slightly into a compact car in 2000.

What kind of oil do you use in your Honda?

Nothing wrong with using a genuine synthetic or dino oil, providing it meets Honda’s recommended standards. Most modern oils are quite good, aside from a few generics.

What kind of engine does a 2017 Honda Civic have?

The 2017 Honda Civic is available in several engine sizes, depending on the trim you select. There’s the standard 2.0L (122 ci) four-cylinder engine, two turbocharged 1.5L four-cylinder engines, and even a turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder to choose from.

What kind of oil is used in a 2017 Honda Civic? 

 The 2017 Honda Civic uses synthetic oil that has a viscosity of 0W-20.

 The 2017 Honda Civic uses synthetic oil that has a viscosity of 0W-20.

Although it is recommended that you use synthetic oil, your vehicle’s owner’s manual may have alternative oil options.

How often should I replace the oil in my Honda Civic 2017? 

 Oil change intervals for 2017 Honda Civics are typically between 5,000 and 7,500 miles or every 6 to 12 months. However, it is best to check your owner’s guide for more specific recommendations.

Is there a special oil additive required for the 2017 Honda Civic? 

 The 2017 Honda Civic doesn’t typically need any special oil additives. Use high-quality synthetic oils without any additional additives.

 The 2017 Honda Civic doesn’t typically need any special oil additives. Use high-quality synthetic oils without any additional additives.

You can use high-mileage oils if your Honda Civic is showing signs of wear and has high mileage. Consult the owner’s guide or an expert mechanic for recommendations.

What is the best brand of oil for a Honda Civic 2017?

 Honda Genuine Oil is one of several brands which offer oil suitable for a Honda Civic 2017. Other brands include Mobil 1, Castrol, and Valvoline. Select a brand that meets the specified specifications.

Does my 2017 Honda Civic need Honda Genuine Oil?

Although Honda Genuine Oil is highly recommended, you may use a high-quality synthetic lubricant that meets the specifications in your owner’s guide.

Can I use a different oil filter brand?

You can use compatible oil filters from well-known brands like Purolator or Bosch. Fram and K&N are also acceptable, provided they’re designed for the engine model you have.

Can I change the oil in my 2017 Honda Civic by myself?

If you have the right tools and know-how, it is possible to perform an oil change at home. If you are unsure of the process or feel uncomfortable, you should consult a mechanic or go to a service center to make sure the job is done properly.