PT35 CMC Power Tilt Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Chane Cost

PT35 CMC Power Tilt Oil Type: The maintenance of your motor outboard is essential to ensure its performance and durability. A crucial aspect of maintenance for outboard motors is to regularly change the oil inside your power tilt device. 

It’s the PT35 CMC Power Tilt is the most popular option for boaters. It’s crucial to choose the appropriate oil capacity, type, And filter for this model.

Oil Type: The most recommended type of oil that is suitable for use on this PT35 CMC Power Tilt is SAE 10W-30. This oil is specially designed to be used in marine applications And provides superior protection from damage And wear.

Capacity Of Oil: The capacity of oil of the PT35 CMC Power Tilt is 20 pounds. It is important to fill the unit up to the right level to prevent overfilling or Underfilling.

Oil Filter: It is the PT35 CMC Power Tilt does not require an oil filter.

Oil Change Cost: The price of an oil change on the PT35 CMC Power Tilt will depend on the Location And mechanic. But, you should expect to spend between $50 to $100 when it comes to An oil Exchange.

CMC PT35 Power Tilt Oil Type

A Recommended fluid to use for your CMC PT35 Power Tilt is #2216 Mystic or a similar to SAE20 or 30, a non-detergent oil. 

This kind of oil has been specifically designed to be used in hydraulic Systems And can provide the highest performance And security to your CMC PT35.

This Table Summarizes the Recommended hydraulic fluids to use with CMC PT35 Power Tilt. CMC PT35 Power Tilt:

Fluid TypeSAE GradeDescription
#2216 MysticSAE 20 or 30Non-detergent hydraulic oil
Equivalent SAE 20 or 30 non-detergent oilSAE 20 or 30Non-detergent hydraulic oil

PT35 CMC Power Tilt Oil Capacity

The CMC PT35 power tilt and trim system uses SAE20 or30 non-detergent oils and can hold 16 fluid ounces. It is essential to select the correct oil as the wrong oil could cause damage to the unit.

Here is a table that summarizes the type of oil and capacity of CMC PT35. CMC PT35:

Oil TypeOil Capacity
SAE 20 or 30 non-detergent oil16 fluid ounces

PT35 CMC Power Tip Oil Filter

It is the PT35 CMC Power tilting system comes with an oil filter that will Assist in the removal of contaminants And impurities in the hydraulic fluid. 

The type and size of the filter used in this PT35 CMC power tilting system could differ based on the specifications provided by the manufacturer. 

It is advised to refer to the manual of the product or call the manufacturer directly to get the most accurate Information Regarding the oil filter that is fitted to your PT35 CMC power tilt device. They will give you the correct information As well as help you to maintain or Replace the oil filter.

How do you check and replace the oil?

It is the CMC PT-35 is a hydraulic tilt and trim unit that runs on SAE 20 and 30 detergent oils. The oil must be changed at least every two years (or one hundred hours depending on what comes first.

To change the oil you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • A 3/16″ Hex key wrench
  • A funnel
  • A fresh container to collect the old oil
  • 2 1 quarts of SAE20 or 30 non-detergent oil.


  1. Reduce the PT-35 to the bottom.
  2. Take off a one-eighth” brass socket filler plug with a 3/16″ hexagon key wrench.
  3. After that, using that same wrench unplug the plug that is level.
  4. Fill the actuator with fluid by filling the holes until the fluid can flow through the hole on the other side of the actuator.
  5. Start the actuator until the ram is completely stretched and that the motor is bogged down (the PT-35 is up).
  6. Retract the ram fully until the motor stops bogging lower (trim the PT-35 completely).
  7. Re-install the plug that is level.
  8. Turn to tilt the PT-35 to the side until it extends by about 2 to 3 inches from the actuator.
  9. Replace the plug on the filler.


The right kind of oil is essential to keeping the efficiency and durability that you get from the PT35 CMC Power Tilt. 

It is recommended to use the correct hydraulic tilt oil. will guarantee smooth operation and shield your internal parts from being damaged. 

Make sure to regularly check and replace this oil in your routine maintenance to ensure that the PT35 CMC Power Tilt running in top condition.

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What is the PT-35 tilt and trim?

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This CMC PT-130 model 13002 Tilt and Trim has no gauge and is rated up to 130 HP for 2 or 4-stroke engines. The item you are trying to purchase is currently out of stock.

What is the CMC power tilt and trim made of?

The CMC Power Tilt and Trims are made of 6061 T6 alloy aluminum extrusions and fastened with stainless steel fasteners for maximum strength and durability welds or castings (molded aluminum) to break. CMC is the only manufacturer offering a 5-year structure warranty Select a row below to filter reviews.