What type of oil for my 2007 bmw 328xi [Update 2023]


What type of oil for my 2007 bmw 328xi : Notes. These BMW automotive manuals are official 3-Series manuals in the standard ZIP/PDF format and are (c) BMW AG. Part numbers are equivalent to the printed versions available from local (U.S) BMW automobile service centres, and are intended for cars built to US specifications. There may be differences in areas of safety and emission control …

2007 BMW 328Xi Engine Oil

Your 2007 BMW 328Xi may be the best car you’ve ever owned. Or you’re having trouble keeping it highway-legal. Whatever the circumstance.


For your 2007 BMW 328Xi, we now offer 7 Engine Oil brands to select from, ranging from $11.49 to $79.99.

For the 2007 BMW 328Xi, Engine Oil products from 4 different reliable brands in addition to reasonable costs. We only offer parts from reputable manufacturers, such as LIQUI MOLY, so you can discover high-quality components you can rely on.


Check out customer ratings and reviews before purchasing to avoid being misled. For the 2007 BMW 328Xi, we’ve received 2,068 reviews from past customers.

FAQ what type of oil for my 2007 bmw 328xi

Q.1 What kind of engine does a 2007 BMW have?

ANS. Under the Hood. Revamped for 2007, the latest generation of BMW’s ultra-smooth 3.0-liter in-line six-cylinder engine now makes 230 horsepower (up from 215) and 200 pound-feet of torque (up from 185).

Q.2 How to add refrigerant to a 2006 BMW 328i xDrive?

ANS. Air Conditioner / Recharge Freon How to Add Refrigerant to a 2006-2013 BMW 328i xDrive Base 3.0L 6 Cyl. Coupe (2 Door) 1. Getting Started – Prepare for the repair Learn More > 2. Open the Hood – How to pop the hood and prop it open 3. Locate Port – How to access the low pressure port 4.


Q.3 What do you like most about your BMW 328i?

ANS. THIS IS NICE FAST RELABLE CAR FOR BMW SERIES, VERY STRONG CAR SMOOT DRIVE,LOW GAS MILAGE COST. IM HAPPY WITH MY BMW 328I. LOOKS VERY SPORT WITH BLACK. Drives so well in the snow. AWD and also fast as can be. Looks super slick and makes for a lot of compliments. Also, a major money pit lol Fast, stylish, and comfortable for two.

Q.4 How much does a 2007 BMW 3 series cost?

ANS. Used 2007 BMW 3 Series Pricing Fitted with a manual transmission, the 335i Coupe has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $41,295, while stepping up to the automatic adds $1,275. As…

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