Vw type 1 oil filler mounted breather box kit [Update 2023]


Vw type 1 oil filler mounted breather box kit : Oil Filler Breather Box Kit Internally baffled to separate engine oil blow-by and return it to the oil into the crankcase. Special threaded oil filler has O-ring seal. Adding oil is a snap in Sedans and VW Vans. Vent your valve covers, crank-case, install a vented fuel pump return and run a vented road pipe for maximum engine breathing.

Oil Filler and Breather Box

Then, one that has been adequately designed and constructed to be an integral part of the engines. Berg’s dual-purpose breather box and oil filler for the VW air-cooled engine comes with internal baffles that separate liquid from the atmosphere and then return the oil to the engine.


This ensures an unbroken leak-free installation. A black powder-coated finish that will last for many years of service. The good easy, fill top-mounted cap makes oil filling easy. Available for the most sought-after designs.

Both air cleaners can be connected to dual carbs using a “T” to allow complete vacuuming while still using the traditional VW caps for oil refills.


The model for the domestic breather cap is intended for vehicles that don’t have air cleaners. Breather boxes with push-on fittings are fitted with the standard VW breather pipe with GB 263B.

Other combinations can be ordered, including an AN-8 connection to the hose. Payment in full is required in advance and is only collected for production runs. It could last up to three months following the moment you make your purchase.

Simple to install! There are no drilling holes. Remove from the old VW filler fixed to the internal nuts of the GB 753 tool. Install the adapter to the mounting with its gasket. Ensure the alignment pin is in the (genuine VW) alternator or generator stand’s tooling hole.

It won’t fit on stand kits made by other companies. Install the rings on the nut and bolts onto the Gene Berg breather box with the two Allen bolts supplied to align the box, then tighten. The entire set is black powder coated.


They are among the cleanest models ever made for the VW engine. Fully self-contained and remain in the engine whenever required for R&R. It was first introduced in 1980 and manufactured in the USA through Gene Berg Enterprises.

FAQ vw type 1 oil filler mounted breather box kit

Q.1 Do I need a breather for my oil filler?

ANS. What you need is a breather… If you have a stock oil filler and have an aftermarket air filter, the two pipe diameters needed to join them up are mismatching. However there is no kit you can buy online.

Q.2 What does a breather do on a VW Beetle?

ANS. Attaching the right breather pipe (s) helps to create a negative pressure in your crankcase, this is what VW intended and helps stops oil leaks out of placed that don’t have rubber seals such as the crank pulley. What you need is a breather…

Q.3 What size oil breather for pancake style oil filter?

ANS. One for pancake style filters with an inlet already installed for those wanting to retain the stock breather. A recommended upgrade to a Scat square filter and conversion to a polished oil filler and that allows proper connections to a 1/2 inch oil breather pipe.

Q.4 Is there an aftermarket breather hose?

ANS. Aftermarket breather hoses and systems are not sold as a one size fits all, you won’t find one for sale in any of the vw shops. I create tailor made breather hoses and systems for customers, please take a look at the items available here. The image on the left shows a breather outlet with a small filter attached.

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