Volvo D13 Engine Specs 2024 ❤️

Volvo D13 Engine Specs 2024 ❤️

Volvo D13 Engine Specs

This Volvo D13 engine is extremely versatile, with various variants used in trucks buses, marine, and other applications. 

To give you the most precise specifications I’m required to know what kind of D13 engine you’re looking for. Here are a few alternatives:

TypeDirect Injection Diesel
Bore & Stroke5.16″ x 6.22″ (131mm x 158mm)
Displacement780 cu in (13L)
Number of Cylinders6, Inline
Compression Ratio18:1
Peak Power455 500HP (depending on the model)
Peak Torque1749-1859 lb-ft (depending on the model)
Dry WeightApprox. 2635 pounds (1195 kg)
Engine Brake Retarding Power500HP (372 kW) @ 2200 RPM
Capacity of Oil (including filtering)18.5 US gallons (70 liters)
Oil Filter TypeSpin-on
Oil Change Cost (Estimated)$200-$300 (depending on the quality of oil and labor)
Filter Change Cost (Estimated)$50-$100 (depending on the filter type and the amount of labor)


Its Volvo D13 engine is a solid And reliable inline 6- 4-stroke diesel engine that has A capacity of 12.8 liters. It has A power range ranging from 375-500 horsepower.

The engine was designed to offer the lowest operating cost And legendary reliability, which makes it suited for extreme conditions And A broad range of uses.

It is possible to modify the engine to boost power and torque, however, it is crucial to ensure you Are secure And legal.

Thank you for looking into the details of the Volvo D13 engine!

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