Volkswagen UP Engine Oil Capacity And Specs [Update 2024] ❤️

Volkswagen UP Engine Oil Capacity And Specs [Update 2024] ❤️

Volkswagen UP Engine Oil Capacity: Are you wondering how much blood your fast Volkswagen UP needs to keep its engine chirping like the canary? 

Unlocking the secret code of Volkswagen UP engine oil capacity could be like figuring out an obscure language. 

Don’t worry you friends of Up! fans! The guide below is your reliable decoder ring that provides official accurate and up-to-date information directly to the source.

I’ll eliminate the guesswork and present a simple and concise table that outlines the exact capacity of oil for every engine in the favorite Up!, ensuring you never over-fuel or under-fuel your four-wheeled companion. 

I’ll also include some tips to help you choose the correct oil type and keep your engine running for many years to come.

Volkswagen UP Engine Spces, Oil Capacity, Type, Filter, And Change Cost

The engine oil capacity of a Volkswagen Up! depends on the specific engine model and year. Here’s a breakdown:

EngineDisplacementPowerTorqueTransmissionOil Capacity (quarts)Oil TypeFilter TypeFilter Change Cost (USD)
1.0L MPI999 cc60 hp74 lb-ft5-speed manual3.9Synthetic 5W-30Mann-Filter HU 718/4x$10-15
1.0L TSI999 cc115 hp166 lb-ft6-speed manual (GTI only)4.0Synthetic 5W-30Mann-Filter HU 718/4x$10-15

FAQs Volkswagen UP Engine Oil Capacity

How Much Oil Does A Volkswagen Take?

Most engines require oil between 5 and 8 quarts. A 4-cylinder engine needs approximately 5 quarts of oil, while a 6-cylinder engine requires approximately 6 quarts. Call Nalley Volkswagen Alpharetta at Alpharetta today to get more information.

What brand oil does VW use?

These are just some of the reasons Castrol is the recommended motor oil for Volkswagen engines. Castrol has been a successful partner for many years, and millions of Volkswagen cars now have Castrol on their filler caps.

Who makes VW oil?

ExxonMobil Oil Corporation – We are pleased to announce that ExxonMobil is now the exclusive supplier to the Volkswagen Group of VW and Audi Genuine oil products in the United States and Canada. The program implementation will start on January 1, 2020. A product launch will follow

Does my VW need synthetic oil?

Conventional oils may be recommended for certain models and makes, but Volkswagen cars from 2004 and higher require synthetic oil in order to work properly.

How long do Volkswagen engines last?

Today’s Volkswagen engines are built to last over 100 000 miles. This is why the engine’s duration is measured in miles.

Why Volkswagen is the best?

Each vehicle comes with a complete package: comfort, performance, and lots of intelligent technology. If you go for an affordable price, you can get a vehicle that meets all your driving requirements such as a Reliable engine. Favorable service cost.

Final Word

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