Volkswagen Bora Engine Oil Capacity & Types [Update 2024] ❤️

Volkswagen Bora Engine Oil Capacity: It is the Volkswagen Bora, A timeless classic, renowned for its dependability and performance requires proper maintenance to maintain its smooth riding. One crucial aspect? Oil for engines.

But with various engine options And A multitude of options for oil there is A risk of confusion. Fear not, fellow Bora enthusiast!

This detailed guide explains how to increase the engine’s capacity for oil every Bora engine discusses the most popular options for oil, And provides information on the intervals for changing.

So get your wrench ready and let’s make sure your beloved Bora is running smoothly for many long time too!

Volkswagen Bora Engine Oil Capacity

Before you begin to look into the selection of oil Understanding your specific Bora engine’s capacity to hold oil is crucial. Here’s a breakdown of the various engine models:

EngineCapacity of Oil (with filter)
1.6L4.0 Liters
1.8L (8v)4.0 Liters
1.8L (16v)4.0 Liters
1.9L TRDI (66 kW)4.5 Liters
1.9L TRDI (81 kW)4.3 milliliters
2.0L4.2 Liters
2.3L V5 20V4.5 Liters

Volkswagen Bora Popular Oils And Their Perks: Finding the Perfect Fit

Let’s take a look at the most popular options for engine oil to use on your Bora Each with distinct advantages:

  1. Castrol GTX 5W-30: It’s a budget-friendly conventional oil suitable for high-mileage, older Boras. Average price: $20-$25 per 5 liters. Advantages It is affordable, it protects from wear and tear. is in line with API standards for the majority of Bora engines.
  2. Mobil 1 0W-40 synthetic: The HTML0 is A high-performance synthetic oil that provides excellent protection and performance in cold-starting. Average price: $40-$50 per 5 liters. Advantages Excellent lubrication reduces friction and increases the efficiency of your vehicle is ideal for driving at high speeds.
  3. Valvoline MaxLife Premium 5-W-30: Synthetic Blend Made for older vehicles that could leak This chemical blend assists in preventing leaks And helps reduce the amount of oil used. Average price: $30-$40 per 5 liters. The benefits: It stops leaks from occurring, helps protect against wear in high-mileage engines, And complies with API standards for the majority of Bora engines.
  4. Liqui Moly Leichtlauf High Tech 5W-40 Synthetic: It is a premium synthetic oil specifically designed for European automobiles, that provides incredible performance And lubrication. Average price: $50-$60 per 5 liters. Advantages top-of-the-line protection easy operation, and extended intervals for oil changes.
  5. Motul 8100 X Clean 5W-30 fully synthetic: Synthetic, high-performance oil designed specifically for gasoline engines equipped with catalytic converters. It helps to reduce emissions And better fuel efficiency. Average price: $45-$55 per 5 liters. Advantages It reduces the emission of carbon dioxide, increases fuel efficiency, and provides excellent protection.

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