Type Of Oil For BMW r1200rs [Update 2022] ❤️


Finally got around to recording one of my oil and filter changes on the 2016 BMW R1200RS. Part of my 24,000-mile service. Also, check out my Final Drive Oil Ch…

FAQ type of oil for BMW r1200rs

How often should I change the oil in my BMW R1200GS?

BMW R1200GS Motorcycle Oil Change The BMW Maintenance Schedule recommends changing the engine oil and engine oil filter at the scheduled 6000m (10,000km) service intervals. See also: R1200GS Engine Oil Q&A See also: BMW R1200GS Alternative Engine Oils & Other FAQ


What type of oil should I order for my R1200GS?

If you don’t have time to read everything below, just head to this link and order either 15w/50 or 20w/50 (for a 2004 to 2012 R1200GS) or 5w/40 (for a 2013 – onwards) and you’ll be in good hands. See below for the correct procedure for checking the engine oil level


How much oil do you use in your BMW?

The number of miles before oil use declines is also a large range. I used about 1 qt/1500 miles for the first 4,500 miles. Now at 35,000 miles, I use maybe 8 oz between 6,000-mile service intervals. I believe BMW says any consumption less than 1 liter/1,000 Kilometers (yep, about a quart every 600 miles) is acceptable.


What type of motorcycle oil should I use?

Full-synthetic oils are expensive and, unless you are racing, not necessarily recommended for motorcycles. For the everyday rider, a semi-synthetic shear-stable 10W-40 oil with some ester content would be a great choice.

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