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Yes, fork oil matters. What weight is Harley Screamin Eagle Fork oil? Screamin’ Eagle® Performance Fork Oil – A heavier oil (15wt) provides extra damping in performance application. What is fork oil in bike? Fork oil is a lubricant that is used inside the tubes of conventional front forks on a motorcycle. Each motorcycle brand has its own specifications for …

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What fork oil should I use?

My dealer recommended the Screaming Eagle Fork Oil when I was in there the other day. From the link you provided Jack, that would provide even a more stiff ride to the ‘B’ oil.

Should I put heavy fork oil in my Dyna?

I have a 2006 Dyna and put in the SE heavy oil, I would never go back to the regular fork oil. My front end dived as yours is and the SE heavy oil solved the problem. Might keep the heavier weight in, just to see what it feels like. Unless anyone sees that is going to present a problem. Definitely easier to change with the forks off the bike.

What is the best oil for stiff front end?

The heavier the oil the stiffer the front end is. 20 WT is similar to the SE racing fork oil and the 15 WT (SE heavy) I tried was very stiff, so I went back to the 10 WT, just right. as said 15 can be heavy next time i change mine im going to find 12.5 or mix some 10 and 15

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