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Are you looking for a company that can handle your next move? Two men and a truck are popular choices. 

They offer full-service moving services for residential and commercial customers. Hourly labor can be booked for home projects such as moving furniture and carrying boxes to the attic. 

They likely have services available in your locality, as they have more than 350 franchised locations across the U.S.

You should consider all options when hiring movers. Also, compare service providers based upon price, availability, and perks. 

We’ve compiled a review of Two Men and a Truck to make things easier. This expert review contains information about pricing and a complete list of services.

Two men and one truck  Prices  

What is the cost of 2 men and 1 truck? Each moving company has a different pricing structure for hiring two men and a truck. 

How much does it cost? On average, you will be charged between $80 and $100 per hour. Three men and a truck can cost $15-20 per hour. 

The company you hire and the amount of time that you need to move will affect the rates. Weekends, the end of the month, or in summer will have a higher cost. The price will be higher because most people are moving at this time. 

The cost of two men and a truck includes travel time. Usually, you will be charged an extra hour for traveling to your house. What number of people do you need to move your items? Ask your moving company for a quote.

They will give you an estimate based on how many items you have to move. The 2 men and 1 truck hourly rate are only applicable to local moves. 

For long distances across the country, you will be charged a fee based on how heavy and large your items are.

How much does it cost to rent Two Men and a Truck?

Each franchise is independent and independently operated. Each location has its own moving rate, so prices will vary depending on where you live. 

Costs for Two Men and a Truck services vary depending on how big your house is, how many stairs you have to climb, and how far your items need to be moved. 

You might also consider special items ( such as pianos and exercise equipment) that could impact the price of your quote.

To get a precise quote, you must contact Two Men and a Truck. Local moves are subject to an hourly charge. Long-distance moves will be charged based on the distance traveled and the weight of the load.

Below is an example quote for a local move of 12 miles for a one-bedroom apartment in Austin, TX.

Truck Size Base Rate Included Mileage Estimated Fuel Costs Add-Ons Estimated Price
26 feet $110/hour, estimated 4-6 hours Mileage included Fuel included $110 travel fee $550-$770

Two Men and a Truck’s pricing is based on a variety of factors, depending on whether the move is local or long-distance. 

Local moves cost more because of the time it takes to load and unload a truck, the distance you have to walk from the truck, and how many flights of stairs there are. 

Long-distance moves cost more depending on the distance you are moving and how heavy your items are. The company also offers Value Flex, which ships your items in a crate rather than in a truck.

A typical 1,500-mile move for a two-bedroom home during the peak season will cost about $13,000. Two men and a truck are required to load and unload the truck. A move of 500 miles for a one-bedroom home in peak season will cost you about $2,100. 

You can expect to pay $4,500 for the same distance using the Value Flex service. However, appliances cannot be shipped with this service.

The company does not offer an online calculator for moving costs. However, you can request a quote online by answering questions about your move as well as completing an inventory.

Below is a table showing the prices charged by our Best Moving Companies for 2022.

Two Men and a Truck can move you locally or long distances. Customers can be moved to and from single-family homes as well as apartments, condos, and dorms. Businesses can be moved by two men and a truck across state and town lines.

The company will wrap all your belongings in padding and stretch-wrapping before transporting them on its 26-foot trucks. 

To protect your home, the Movers will also use hardwood floor runners and banister and railing covers as well as carpet shields and mattress bags.

The company considers intrastate moves within 50 miles to be local, and interstate moves longer than that to be long-distance. There are two options for long-distance moves:

Value Flex or Expedited. Expedited service will allow you to have your entire house loaded onto a truck that is GPS-tracked and then unloaded in your new home.

Value Flex is the most affordable option. A local team will load your belongings (minus appliances) into a shipping container that can hold around 1,000 pounds. 

The crate will be transported by a third party to the Two Men and a Truck nearest your home. There, a team will unload your belongings.

Franchises of Some Two Men and a Truck don’t offer long-distance moving services. Only a few locations offer Value Flex.

Two men and a truck booking process

Two Men and a Truck has a longer quote process than other moving companies. After completing the survey, a representative will contact you to discuss starting your detailed inventory.

Two Men and a Truck offers an easy-to-use inventory tool that makes this process much easier. This allows you to add rooms and list items in each room, so Two Men and a Truck will be able to provide a precise quote. 

This inventory will be used to create a quote. A representative will reach out to you. This representative will contact you to schedule your move.

FAQ Two Men and a Truck

How long do I have to wait before getting an estimate from Two Men and a Truck?

The online estimate process is simple and easy to understand. But how long do you have to wait before getting an in-home estimate? 

You should receive an email shortly after you have filled out the estimate form. This will depend on whether their server is available.

In general, within a few days, you will receive an update on the in-home move estimate. This is when you will have a conversation with an agent from Two Men and a Truck and can ask as many questions about your next move as you like.

What is the size of the trucks used for Two Men and a Truck in

You need to determine if the moving company you choose has the right size trucks to safely transport your household items to your new residence. Many moving companies have different sizes of trucks to transport different types of homes.

Two Men and a Truck, however, is a little different. The 26-foot box trailer is their best option for moving any type of cargo. 

The country where you live will decide if there is a Two Men and a Truck branch offering a portable 16-foot storage container.

Is it possible for the same crew to load and unload my stuff as well?

This question will depend on where you are going. If you are moving locally, you can have the same crew unload your stuff when you arrive at your destination. You may need to hire another labor crew if you are moving long distances.

How do I save money on labor for my move?

You can save money by getting quotes from multiple labor crews. You will want to get quotes from multiple companies before you decide on one. You don’t need to spend more when you can get quotes from multiple laborers and find one that is cheaper.

Contact at least three to four companies, get their prices, and then choose the one that makes you happy. Do not settle for the lowest price simply because it is the lowest. Verify the reputation and trustworthiness of the company you’re dealing with by looking at online reviews or talking to people who have used their services in the past.

Why are two men and a truck more expensive than budget moving firms?

Two Men and A Truck can be quite expensive as they offer a full-service moving company that will take care of all the work. For customers’ convenience, they offer many moving services, including packing your house and special handling for antique furniture.

You can save money by hiring Two Men and A Truck if you don’t intend to add additional services. They will load your truck, transport it to your new house, and then unload your items.

A veteran discount is available when you buy two men and a truck.

Two Men and a Truck supports the great men of our country. To give our veterans the opportunity to franchise, they are partners and members of the Vet Fran Association. 

We offer a 10% discount on the $50,000 franchise fee for veterans of the United States Armed Forces and their spouses as members of Vet Fran.

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Our Conclusion

Two Men and A Truck is a great choice for small and local moves. This company makes every effort to ensure that each step is clear and easy to understand.

Customers have the option to pay by the hour for services such as packing, loading, and delivery. Many moves can be completed in a matter of hours. If you wish to reduce your bill, it is your responsibility to spend less with the movers.

If you are concerned about availability in your state, you might consider International Van Lines. It’s available more nationwide than Two Men and a Truck.

We recommend UPack if you are looking to save some money. It offers some of the lowest rates on the market.

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