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Here I will give you information regarding Prius oil capacity 2010. You can also see here the 2007 Prius engine oil capacity.

Which Is A Suitable 2010 Prius Oil Type?

A car will only work well if it has the right fuel. You need to be able to identify the right fuel for your vehicle, in addition to the correct lubrication.

Many people wonder what the best oil is for Toyota Prius.

Toyota makes many models of cars, so the oil types for each model are varied. Therefore, different oil types are used for different vehicles.

According to the manufacturers, synthetic engine oil 0W20 has been compatible with Prius models between 2010 and 2017.

Some people believe it is too watery and fear it could cause damage to the engine. However, manufacturers recommend using it and state that it is safe for engines.

It has been deliberately made in a dilute version to allow it to flow and lubricate the engine at low temperatures. It’s interesting to see that it can still function at -35° Celsius.

It is, therefore, suitable for users who drive in extreme weather conditions or cold temperatures because the engine can still be started easily.

These cars are also required to be used by their customers with 0W20 synthetic oil in order to preserve the warranty.

Toyota Prius, W1 (2001 – 2003) Engine Types

Hey guys, if you find the Toyota Prius, W1, then you are at the right place here. I will show you details about Toyota Prius.

The Prius w1 is sometimes referred to as the second generation. It was the first Prius sold by Toyota outside of Japan.

The NHW 11 Prius became more powerful partly to satisfy the higher speeds and longer distances that Americans drive.

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Engine Engine Oil Capacity Oil Grade Oil Change intervals Service cost
Prius (W1) (2001 – 2003) 1NZ-FXE 3.7 / 0.3 Synthetic 5w30 15 000 km/ 12 months 898$/966$*

Toyota Prius, W2 (2003 – 2009) Engine Types

From 2005 to 2009, the second generation Prius had been built by FAW- Toyota in the city of Changchun for the Chinese market. w2 is more powerful and more efficient than w1.

 You can see Toyota Prius, W2 (2003 – 2009) engine, engine oil capacity, oil grade, oil change intervals, and service cost.

  Engine Engine Oil Capacity Oil Grade Oil Change intervals Service cost
Prius THSD (W2) (2003 – 2006) 1NZ-FXE 3.7 / 0.3 Synthetic 5w30 15 000 km/ 12 months 988$/1058$*
Prius THSD (W2) (2006 – 2009) 1NZ-FXE 3.7 / 0.3 Synthetic 5w30 15 000 km/ 12 months 988$/1058$*

Toyota Prius, W3, W4 (2009 – ) Engine types

Friends, you know that Toyota debuted the new Prius at the January 2009 North American International Auto Show. 

Toyota Prius, W3, and W4 is a full series-parallel hybrid electric compact cars manufactured by Toyota Motor Corporation.

  Engine Engine Oil Capacity Oil Grade Oil Change intervals Service cost
Prius (W3) (2009 – 2011) 2ZR-FXE 4.2 / 0.3 Synthetic 5w30 15 000 km/ 12 months 1023$/1189$*
Prius (W3) (2012 – 2015) 2ZR-FXE 4.2 / 0.3 Synthetic 5w30 15 000 km/ 12 months 1023$/1189$*
Prius Plug-in Hybrid (W3) (2012 – ) 2ZR-FXE 4.2 / 0.3 Synthetic 5w30 15 000 km/ 12 months 1023$/1189$*
Prius+, Prius v (W4) (2011 – ) 2ZR-FXE 4.2 / 0.3 Synthetic 5w30 15 000 km/ 12 months 1023$/1189$*

Toyota Prius, W5 (2016 – )

The Toyota Prius is the fourth generation Model. Friends, do you know which oil is best for your Toyota Prius, W5? If you don’t know, you can see here details about engine oil capacity, oil grade, change intervals, and service cost given in the table.

  Engine Engine Oil Capacity Oil Grade Oil Change intervals service cost
Prius (W5) (2016 – ) 2ZR-FXE 4.2 / 0.3 Synthetic 5w30 15 000 km/ 12 months 1163$/1299$*
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What is the cost of an oil change for a Toyota Prius

Prices will vary depending on whether professional oil changes are made and the type of oil used.

Costs for professionals

A professional oil and filter change for your Toyota Prius can cost you $61 up to 75. Remember, however, that many retail outlets and car dealerships offer an inspection for key components such as antifreeze/coolant levels and wiper blades.

Your mechanic might also check and fill your tires and power steering fluids.

DIY costs

You can save money if you change your oil and filter yourself if you own a Toyota Prius. A quart of 0W-20 oil costs about $10 and respectively. However, you can get 5 quarts for around $33. A filter costs $10-15.

What happens if your 2018 Toyota Prius doesn’t have the oil changed?

Motor oil also has many other benefits and functions.

  • To improve fuel efficiency, more slippery parts of the engine mean less force is required to move them. This means that less fuel is consumed by the engine.
  • Reduces heat – Other than the explosions from gasoline and spark plugs, heat is generated from friction between engine parts. This heat can cause significant damage to engine components. Heat is transferred to cooler parts of the engine as oil moves about. This heat dissipation means that the engine is not too hot in any one place.
  • Prevents engine noise – because parts, such as your engine pistons don’t touch each other, oil provides lubrication that prevents them from touching. This prevents engine knocking-related problems and damage.
  • Maintain the 2018 Toyota Prius engine clean. This is crucial to ensure maximum engine efficiency. Oil picks up dirt and particles from the engine and transports them to the oil filter, where they are trapped. This reduces the chance of dirt building up inside the engine, which could cause engine damage.
  • Protects engine parts from corrosion. – A majority of oils contain an additive that helps to reduce oxidation and prevent corrosion.

What oil is required for a Toyota Prius?

Toyota recommends API specification motor oils in different grades, depending on your model. SAE0W-16,OW-20, 5W-50 and 0W-40 are common for newer models.

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It is crucial that you use the right oil for your Toyota Prius model. To find out which grade of oil to use, consult your owner’s manual.

How much oil will the Toyota Prius take?

In 2021, the Toyota Prius with the 1.8L 4-cyl engine (engine code 2ZR-FXE) uses 4.4 quarters (with filters) from zero-worse 16 synthetic oil. The oil filters must be replaced as well as an oil washer for crushing is needed.

The oil change on models of late-model Toyota Prius usually takes between 25 and 35 minutes. Using a car lift, and keeping all your components and tools arranged in a neat workspace will help make the task more efficient.

Before beginning, be sure that you have the necessary tools and parts needed for completing an oil exchange. The items are mentioned in the above table. 

It’s possible to buy certain tools for when you first attempt to perform the oil change yourself however, they’re an investment you will use repeatedly over the course of the life of the vehicle(s).


This post contains information about the 2010 Prius oil types and the Toyota Prius engine oils recommendation.

This fuel is essential to your vehicle. You should be aware of the best time to change it to make sure that the engine runs smoothly.

You should also carefully consider the type and fuel of your Toyota model’s engine. Fake lubricants are often made with other additives to make them more profitable for buyers.

You should not use unknown brands of gasoline or oil if you don’t know how you can test it for poor quality.

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