Top Fuel Dragster Engine Specs 2023

Top Fuel Dragster Engine Specs

The powerful engines driving Top Fuel Dragsters are marvels of engineering, delivering incredible power and requiring meticulous attention.¬†Here’s a brief overview of their most important specifications:

Displacement500 cubic inches (8.19 Liters)
Horsepower10,000-11,000 hp
RPM8,200-10,000 RPM
FuelNitromethane (CH3NO2)
Engine BlockForged aluminum
Bore & Stroke4.187″ bore, 4.562″ stroke
Weight2,350 pounds
SuperchargerSingle or twin turbochargers, single or twin
ExhaustOne header long,
LubricationDry-sump system
Engine Oil CapacityNot available publicly


The most powerful dragster engine is A wonder of engineering, thanks to its supercharged V8 engine producing more than 11,000 hp.

Utilizing specialized parts like the crankshaft, pistons, And fuel system allows the engines to reach astonishing speeds in just minutes. The skill And determination of the engineers And teams behind these engines are amazing.

Thank you for exploring the intriguing world of the best dragster engine specs for top fuel. Your curiosity and enthusiasm make sharing this information An enjoyable experience!

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