The Wash Tub Prices 2022 ❤️

Wash Tub is a family-owned car service center with over 25 branches within the vicinity of San Antonio. 

The business was established in the year 1986 in 1986 by Al And Dorothy Vizza, with the first location of the service at Blanco located in San Antonio.

With over 1200 employees The Wash Tub is more than capable of meeting the requirements of its customers. 

They provide a full-service wash that includes the inside and outside of the windows for cleaning, towel drying as well as soft cloth wash. the inside vacuum.

Here’s the list of The Wash Tub prices:


Car Wash Services

Full-Service Wash $17.99

Package Washes

Manager’s Special $24.99
Exterior Shine $27.99
Super Wash $34.99

Á La Carte

Gleam Polish Wax $5.00
Platinum Shield $7.00
Tire Dressing $4.00
Interior Dressing $9.00
Exterior Dressing $7.00
Air Freshener $2.00
Complete Dressing $13.00
Wheel Brite $4.00
Whitewall Treatment $3.00
Wheel Deal $6.00
Ceramic Express Shine $20.00

Exterior Services

Protection (Members Save $17.99) $89.99
Ceramic Ultimate Correction (Members Save $17.99) $169.99

Interior Services

Express Interior Super Clean (Members Save $17.99) $49.99
Carpet Shampoo (Members Save $17.99) $59.99
Leather Clean & Condition (Members Save $17.99) $59.99
Complete Interior Detail (Members Save $17.99) $139.99
*Larger Vehicles add $10.00
**Larger Vehicles add $30.00

Other Services

Rid Odor $49.99
Pet Hair Removal (By Estimate) $0.00
Over Spray Removal (By Estimate) $0.00

Gift Book Sales

Valentine’s Promotion

3 Pack $39.99
5 Pack $59.99

How Much Does The Wash Tub Cost?

There are four wash options available: XPRESS, Premier, Wash Tub Special as well as Ultimate Wash. In terms of budget, XPRESS wash is the best choice, beginning at just $20. 

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It’s also possible to purchase the Ultimate Wash package also starts with XPRESS wash for $35. Here’s a list of the services included in every package.

  • XPRESS Wash- Interior vacuum gentle cloth washing, dry towel window cleaning (inside and outside)
  • Premier ShineFull-service washing with the ability to air-freshen and shine your tires.
  • Shampoo Tub SpecialThe shine was with the gleam of wax
  • Ultimate Clean All mentioned above but with the shield of platinum and an exterior dressing

Wash Tub Prices Compare to Other Full-Service Car Washes

The prices for Wash Tub car wash services are very similar to other full-service car washes provided by other companies. 

The reason for this is that it is a basic wash that is full-service and has the lowest monthly cost offered.

The Wash Tub Prices Compared To Other Brands

Car Wash Brands:

Prices: (One Wash)

The Wash Tub



$279 (complete wash)

Splash Car Wash


Crew Car Wash


Brown Bear Car Wash


Delta Sonic Car Wash


Autobell Car Wash


Final Word 

The Wash Tub is located within San Antonio, Texas, The Wash Tub is an all-inclusive car wash and detail center that has more than 20 locations in San Antonio and surrounding areas. 

The company provides a variety of car washes in addition to interior and exterior detailing services. 

It provides a range of options, including full-service washing, superwash express wax, hand wax with polish, carnauba and wax using clay magic carpet shampoo, and cleaning and conditioning for leather and upholstery.

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