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Suzuki built the LT230 all-terrain vehicle (ATV) between the end of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s. The Suzuki LT230 should be used with 10W-40 motorcycle oil. Use a 4-stroke motorcycle oil of superior quality that satisfies or surpasses the API service rating of SF or SG.

It’s also crucial to remember that you might want to use a different oil viscosity if you’re operating the ATV in exceptionally hot or cold weather.

While a higher viscosity oil may be required in extremely cold temperatures to make sure the oil is thick enough to offer enough lubrication while the engine is cold, a lower viscosity oil may be more suited in excessively hot temperatures to provide adequate oil flow and lubrication.

To find out the precise oil suggestion and capacity for your particular LT230 model and year, it is strongly advised that you check the owner’s manual or a licensed mechanic.

FAQ suzuki lt230 oil type

What is a Suzuki LT230S?

In 1985, the Suzuki Quadsport LT230S, also called the LT230 and known as the “little brother” of the Lt250r, was the first sport-style all-terrain vehicle to hit the market.

When was the Suzuki quad sport LT230 discontinued?

The Suzuki QuadSport LT230, or simply the LT230, was discontinued in 1988. The LT230 is powered by a 230 cc, four-stroke, two-valve overhead cam engine, with fuel delivered by a Mikuni VM26SS carburetor from a 2.5-gallon tank, including reserve.

What kind of oil does the LT230 transfer box take?

The oil required for the LT230 Transfer Box is EP90 gear oil, the same as you would use in your diffs When the transfer box is full, you can replace the filler bung. It’s tapered so it will get tight before passing through the whole.

What kind of engine does a Mikuni LT230 have?

The LT230 is driven by a two-valve overhead cam 230 cc, four-stroke single-cylinder engine, with fuel delivered by a Mikuni VM26SS carburetor from a 2.5-gallon tank, including reserve. This power is fed to the wheels via a manual clutch five-speed transmission with reverse.

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