Suzuki Hayabusa Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Change Cost

Suzuki Hayabusa oil type: The Suzuki Hayabusa is a legendary motorcycle renowned for its remarkable performance and effortless operation. 

The most important factor to maintain the performance of this model is to make sure you use the right engine oil type and capacity, changing the filter frequently as well as changing oil at recommended intervals. 

This guide will provide you with current information taken from the official Suzuki sources and is presented in an easy and concise table format to make it easier for you.

Suzuki Hayabusa Oil Type

The recommended oil to use on the Suzuki Hayabusa depends on the year of manufacture and cycling habits. Here’s the breakdown:

Year & ModelViscosityTypeCapacity (Without Filter)Capacity (With Filter)Notes
1999-2007 HayabusaSAE 10W-40Motorcycle Specific Synthetic3.1L3.3LThe most popular brands are Motul 7100, Repsol, and Amsoil.
  Conventional 10W-40 Motorcycle Oil3.1L3.3LShould comply with JASO MA or MA2 specifications.
2008-2023 HayabusaSAE 10W-40Synthetic3.1L3.3LSuzuki suggests JASO MA or MA2 specifications.
  Conventional 10W-40 Motorcycle Oil3.1L3.3LAcceptable, although synthetics are generally recommended for best performance and protection of the engine.

Suzuki Hayabusa Oil Capacity

Its Suzuki Hayabusa oil capacity depends on whether you’re changing the filter, or not:

Without altering the filter:

  • 3.1 liters (3.3 quarts)

When you change the filter

  • 3.3 liters (3.5 quarts)

It is important to remember that it’s a capacity that’s official as per the manual. Some users report that they require a little greater oil (up to 4 quarts) to get to the maximum mark on the glass of sight. Always check the level of your oil and add oil if required.

Best Oil Brands for Suzuki Hayabusa

A variety of reputable oil brands provide top-quality products that are suitable for Suzuki Hayabusa. Suzuki Hayabusa. Some of the most renowned oil brands favored by Hayabusa fans include:

  1. Motul
  2. Castrol
  3. Mobil 1
  4. Shell
  5. Amsoil

These brands provide a variety of oils made from synthetic that are compatible with the requirements for specifications and provide superior performance and protection to the engine of your motorcycle.

Suzuki Hayabusa Oil Filter

The Suzuki Hayabusa requires Special oil Filters to ensure The Best Performance And protection for the engine. Here’s The information you need to BE Aware of About The Hayabusa’s oil filter:

Here Are the Details About The Suzuki Hayabusa Oil Filter:

BrandPart NumberFilter Length (mm)Filter Diameter (mm)Thread SizeBypass Valve Setting (bar)
Road PassionRP-OFM16570.564.5M20x1.51.1
Twin AirTA-13870.564.5M20x1.51.1
PC RacingPC-OFM13870.564.5M20x1.51.1