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Subaru pressure washer oil type: If you’re proud to be the owner of a Subaru pressure washer then you already know it’s a reliable and powerful item of machinery.

However, just like every other machine, it requires regular maintenance to function in its top form. One of the most crucial maintenance tasks you’ll have to complete is changing the oil.


However, with the many types of oil available on shelves, how can you determine which type to choose?

This article will take you deep into the world of Subaru oil for pressure washers and assist you in making an informed choice.


 Why Choosing the Right Oil Type is Important

Making sure you use the correct type of oil is essential to keep your Subaru pressure washer operating smoothly. Here are a few of the reasons for this:

  • Lubrication: The oils inside the engine of your pressure washer assist to lubricate the moving parts of the machine which reduces wear and friction.
  • Heating: Oil assists in cooling the engine by transferring heat away from moving components.
  • Safety: It acts as an insulator between the metal parts of the engine shielding them from corrosion and other damages.

 What Oil Type Does Subaru Recommend for Its Pressure Washers?

Subaru suggests using a premium non-detergent oil that has an SAE 30 viscosity or 10W-30. The brands Subaru recommends are:

  • Subaru OEM: Oil It’s the oil specifically made specifically for Subaru Pressure washers. It’s designed to give better lubrication and security to the engine, making it work at its highest capacity.
  • Briggs & Stratton 30W Engine Oil: This oil has been made for small engines, like pressure washers. It is high-viscosity for excellent lubrication and it’s designed to guard against wear and wear and tear.
  • Mobil 1 10W-30 Synthetic oil: If you’re searching to purchase a synthetic oil this is an excellent option. It offers excellent lubrication as well as protection. It’s made to stand up to extreme temperatures and conditions.

 How Often Should You Change the Oil in Your Subaru Pressure Washer?

Subaru suggests changing the oil in your pressure washer at least every 50 hours or at least once per year, whichever occurs first.

If you are using your pressure washer regularly or in harsh conditions, you might need to change the oil more frequently. Refer to the manual of your owner for specific guidelines.

 How to Change the Oil in Your Subaru Pressure Washer

Changing the oil in the Subaru pressure washer is an easy task that you can carry out yourself. How:

  • Turn off the engine to cool.
  • Find the cap for the oil filler and take it off.
  • Put a drain pan on top of the engine to collect any old oils.
  • Unplug the drain to let the oil drain away.
  • Install the new drain plug, then fill it with a recommended type of oil to the proper level.
  • Replace the cap on the oil filler.
  • Run the engine briefly to circulate the oil.
  • Switch off the engine, and then look at the level of oil. Make sure to add more oil if needed.

FAQ subaru pressure washer oil type

Are Subaru pressure washers any good?

That’s why it’s no surprise that Subaru pressure washers are also really good. Specifically, this model makes use of what’s known as an ea190v engine. It’s known for having a high oil capacity, a big oil and fuel tank capacity, and a vertical chain-driven OHC.

What is the best pressure washer pump oil?

Generac is another top-rated pressure washer brand, and Generac has produced its own original 6656 pressure washer pump oil. High-quality, low-cost oil. Which is great as you get 20 fluid ounces of oil in this bottle.

What is the Subaru ea190v pressure washer?

Specifically, this model makes use of what’s known as an ea190v engine. It’s known for having a high oil capacity, a big oil and fuel tank capacity, and a vertical chain-driven OHC. What Are The Subaru ea190V Pressure Washer Parts?

How to change the oil in a pressure washer?

To change your oil, you should run your pressure washer for a few minutes to warm the oil inside. Warm oil flows well and will make drainage easy. Next, switch off the engine and disconnect the hose.

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Having the correct type of oil in the Subaru pressure washer will be crucial for keeping it operating smoothly and working optimally. 

Subaru recommends using a non-detergent oil with a viscosity that is SAE 30 or 10W-30 however, you can utilize synthetic oils as provided they meet the specifications recommended by Subaru. 

Make sure to change the oil at least every fifty hours of usage or at the very least once per year, and then properly dispose of the old oil. 

Following these steps will make sure that the Subaru pressure washer will last for many years to come.

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