Simplicity Lawn Mower Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Change Cost


Simplicity Lawn Mower Oil Type: Maintaining the Simplicity grass mower in good condition ensures its longevity And performance.

One of the most important aspects of maintenance is maintaining The proper lubrication of your engine, which is accomplished by using the appropriate oil And filter And conducting regular oil Adjustments.


However, navigating the wide range of options for oil And changing procedures can be A bit confusing.

Don’t worry, this comprehensive guide, based on Simplicity’s official sources, will provide you with the most current information regarding Simplicity lawn mower types’ capacity, filters, And capacities, And even estimates for the cost of changing the oil!


Simplicity Lawn Mower Oil Type

Simplicity Lawn Mower Engine Specs

I can provide some general information that may be helpful:

Model TypeEngine SizeOil TypeOil Capacity (qts)Filter Part NumberEstimated Change Cost (USD)
Broadmoor19.5 HPSAE 30 or 10W-303.51721262$20-$40
Regent21 HPSAE 30 or 10W-303.51721262$20-$40
Courier16 HPSAE 30 or 10W-302.51721262$20-$40
Conquest18 HPSAE 30 or 10W-303.01721262$20-$40
Sovereign22 HPSAE 30 or 10W-304.01721262$20-$40

Simplicity Lawn Mower Oil Type

The first step towards an oil change that is successful is selecting the appropriate kind of oil. Simplicity recommends using SAE 30 detergent oil for all models that operate in mild climates.

For regions with higher temperatures, SAE 5W-30 is the more suitable choice, providing better lubrication at high temperatures.

Always check the owner’s manual to determine the type of oil that is recommended to your Simplicity model.


Simplicity Lawn Mower Oil Capacity

The correct capacity of the oil for your mower is essential to ensure that you don’t overfill or underfill. Once check your owner’s manual for a specific amount. As a general recommendation, most Simplicity models can hold between 1.5 to 2.5 Quarts of oil.

Simplicity Lawn Mower Oil Filter

Making sure you use the right oil filter is equally crucial. Simplicity suggests using an authentic Simplicity oil filter for maximum performance and security. The specific filter’s part number for your model is listed in the manual for your owner.

Simplicity Lawn Mower Oil Change Cost 

The price of a change in the oil on the Simplicity lawn mower will be contingent on whether you complete the task yourself or have it done by An expert.

Self-made oil replacements are much less costly generally costing between $10 And $20 for oil and filters.

The cost of a professional oil change could be between $30 and $50, depending on the labor costs for your location.

Simplicity Lawn Mower Oil Change

  1. Run engine until warm
  2. Place the riding mower on A flat surface.
  3. Turn off the engine And take out the starter insert.
  4. Filter the oil and clean any debris. Clean the oil and remove the dipstick.
  5. The oil drain hose should be disconnected. Remove the cap And lower the hose into An oil container. Once the oil has been drained, tighten the cap and attach the hose to the engine’s side.
  6. If your unit does not have a drain hose make A trough out of plastic or cardboard before you remove the drain plug to allow the oil to drain into your container.
  7. Take out the oil filter and dispose of it.
  8. Lightly lubricate oil filter gaskets with clean oil.
  9. The oil filter should be installed by hand. Once the gasket touches the adapter, tighten the oil filter 1/2- 3/4 turns.
  10. Oil. Add oil. You can ask your Simplicity Service Partner if you have Any questions or are uncertain about the steps.

FAQs – simplicity lawn mower oil type

How do I change the oil in my Simplicity lawn mower?

The oil-changing process will depend on the particular Simplicity tractor or zero-turn mower you own. Review your operator’s manual to ensure you follow the proper steps based on the engine on your mower. Steps for Changing Lawn Mower Oil. Run engine until warm. Place the riding mower on a level surface.

How to choose the right oil for your lawn mower?

Lawnmower Oil Selection 1 SAE 30 Oil: Warm-weather engine oil. 2 SAE 5w-30 Synthetic Oil: All-weather mower oil. 3 10w-30 Synthetic Oil: Cold-weather synthetic oil. 4 High-end and commercial engines require 15W-50 synthetic oil.

Who makes simple lawnmowers?

Briggs & Stratton, a manufacturer of small engines, acquired the Simplicity brand with the intent of doing business in the lawn care market. Despite bearing the prestigious Briggs & Stratton name, Simplicity machinery is priced for the economy-end of the cost spectrum. Products such as Simplicity’s Field and Brush Mower feature a hydrostatic drive.

Can you put synthetic oil in a lawn mower engine?

Synthetic oil is superior to lubricants made from crude oil, and your lawn mower engine may last longer if you use synthetic. According to Briggs and Stratton, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of small engines, the use of synthetic oil does not alter required oil change intervals. Regular, non-synthetic oil works well, too.

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Thank you for staying with me throughout this oil journey! I hope this was helpful and helped you feel confident in tackling your next mower maintenance project. So, get out there and relish the pleasure of a well-oiled machine and a lawn that is beautifully cut!

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