Paccar MX Oil Type, Capacity, Filter & Chane Cost

Paccar MX Oil Type: Paccar MX diesel engines are Among the most popular And reliable diesel engines available in the marketplace. They are well-known for their efficiency when it comes to fuel as Well as for their durability And power.

To ensure that the Paccar MX engine runs at its maximum, it’s vital to select the appropriate oil type And replace the filter And oil Frequently.

Oil Type: The oil suggested to be used on Paccar MX engines is a synthetic blend oil with a viscosity of 10W-30. This type of oil is the highest Level of security for the engine under diverse conditions.

Capacity: The capacity of the oil used in Paccar MX engines is 22 Liters (5.8 Gallons).

Oil Filter: It is suggested for the filter you use for Paccar MX engines an Authentic Paccar oil filter. It is designed to offer the highest Quality of filtering for your motor.

Oil Change Cost: The cost of changing the engine’s oil to suit a Paccar MX engine is typically between $100 and $200. The cost will vary based on the location along with the type of filter And oil that is being used.

Paccar MX Oil Type

The type of oil recommended to use for Paccar MX engines depends on the model year and software version. For MX-13 engines made before 2013, the recommended oil type would be SAE 15W-40 API CJ-4. For MX-13 engines built from 2013 or after the recommended oil would be SAE 10W-30 API CJ-4/CK-4.

Here is a table that summarizes the oil type that is recommended for Paccar MX engines:

Model YearEngine Software VersionRecommended Oil Type
2012 and prior toAnySAE 15W-40 API CJ-4
2013Before E070SAE 15W-40 API CJ-4
2013E070 or laterSAE 10W-30 API CK-4/CJ-4
2014 and afterAnySAE 10W-30 API CK-4/CJ-4

Paccar MX Oil Capacity

The capacity of the oil for the Paccar MX engine is determined by the model year as well as the software version. This table summarizes the capacity of oil in Paccar engines.

Model YearEngine Software VersionOil Capacity (U.S. Quarts)
2012 and the year beforeAny42
2013Before E07042
2013E070 or later42
2014 and afterAny42

Paccar MX Oil Filter

The PACCAR MX oil filter plays a vital role in the engine’s lubrication system, removing impurities to ensure peak performance and durability. Selecting the right filter is crucial for your car’s engine health.

Common Paccar MX Oil Filters

Here are a few typical oil filters used to use with Paccar MX engines:

  • Fleetguard FL-1948921
  • Donaldson SP31208
  • Baldwin 15640
  • WIX 51784
  • Sure Filter SF14784

Paccar MX Oil Change

  • Make sure everything is okay by inspecting the engine oil level on the dipstick.
  • Using a 12mm Allen socket, unscrew the drain plug and pour the engine oil into the catch pan.
  • Take off the two covers on the oil filter on the right and left sides of the engine, as shown in the images.
  • Remove the oil filters and switch them out.
  • Swap out the caps and take them off again. Consisting of O-shaped rings
  • Schmutz the top of the oil filter. Rings, O
  • The oil filter cap is located in the back of the vehicle; it must be tightened to the specified 65 Nm (48 ft-lb) after installation.
  • A torque of 40 Nm (30 ft-lbs) must be applied when installing the oil filter cap located furthest forward.
  • Insert the drain stopper and tighten it to 60 Nm (44 Ft 1 lb)
  • Fill the engine with 42 quarts of oil using the oil funnel and the oil fill cap.
  • Shortly start the engine to allow the oil to circulate; this is also an excellent opportunity to check for any issues or leaks; then shut it off.

  • Make sure the engine oil is at the proper level and add more if necessary.

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Picking the correct Paccar MX oil type is crucial to ensure the Best performance of your Engine. The Mileage, Age, Manufacturer’s Advice, Driving habits, and driving circumstances can help you choose the right oil for your car.

Be sure to follow the maintenance guidelines that are provided by the Manufacturer to keep your engine Running At its Maximum.

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FAQs – paccar mx oil type

How to change the oil in an mx13 PACCAR?

Paccar MX-13 Oil Change Procedure: Warm engine to operating temp Check engine oil level on dipstick to verify no issues Remove the drain plug with the 12mm Allen socket and let the engine oil drain into the drain pan Loosen both oil filter caps found on the right side of the engine as shown in the …

What is a Paccar MX engine?

PACCAR is an innovator, always pushing the boundaries of heavy-duty diesel engine technology. Virtually every aspect of the combustion process—as well as every vital element that aids in its production and containment—was examined, changed, and improved with the PACCAR MX engines for 2021.

What type of oil does PACCAR recommend for my engine?

The use of premium SAE 10W30 API CJ-4 heavy-duty engine oil is advised by PACCAR. For regular operation at ambient temperatures greater than 5°F (-15°C), the main PACCAR suggestion is to use 10W30 multigrade lubricating oil.

Why choose Paccar engines?

PACCAR engines are known for their clean, efficient, reliable, and easily serviced after-treatment systems. For 2021, PACCAR strengthens that commitment with refinements to further reduce particulates and NOx without sacrificing power, performance, or fuel economy.