NP205 Transfer Case Oil Type [Update 2024] ❤️

NP205 Transfer Case Oil Type: FORD TRANSFER CASES Transfer Case Model Fluid Type BW1345 ATF (Dexron III or higher) BW1350 ATF (Dexron III or higher) BW1354 ATF (Dexron III or higher) BW1356 ATF (Dexron III or higher) When did the NP205 transfer case come out?

We have a large inventory of rebuilt NP205 transfer cases plus Transfer Case parts. The NP205 is a single-piece cast iron case …

FAQ np205 transfer case oil type

What kind of gear oil for a 205?

( (I have seen this on other 205 cases, I’ll bet you are running 80w-90 gear oil in it. The majority of the gears are always turning on a 205 and the close tolerances will cause the driven gears to “push” non-driven gears.

What type of fluid is in a Ford transfer case?

FORD TRANSFER CASES Transfer Case Model Fluid Type NP203 30WT NP205 80W90 Gear Oil NP208 ATF (Dexron III or higher) NP271 ATF (Dexron III or higher) 13 more rows …

What does the fluid in the transfer case do?

The fluid in the transfer case serves as both lubricant and helps to keep the internal components cool and turning smoothly. Replacing this fluid at appropriate intervals can help prevent premature wear and damage caused by contaminated or broken-down fluid.

How do I know if my transfer case fluid is bad?

When the fluid is replaced, pay careful attention to the fluid you are draining; if there is a burnt smell or dark brown color or metal flakes or sheen, your transfer case may be damaged. Transfer case fluid is responsible for keeping the components of the transfer case well-lubricated.

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