Nascar Engine Specs 2024 ❤️


Nascar Engine Specs

NASCAR engines have been hailed as marvels of technology, engineered for strength and endurance to stand up to the fierce competition on the track. Here’s a rundown of their main specifications:

Engine Type5.86 L (358 cu in.) V8, naturally aspirated The Pushrod design
Power500 horsepower (restrictor plates) 600 hp (all autres tracks)
Torque700 Nm (520 ftlb)
Fuel90 (MON), 98 RON AKI gasoline unleaded with 15 percent alcohol
Fuel Capacity18. US gallons (68 Liters)
Fuel DeliveryCarburetion
Compression Ratio12:1
Redline9.800 RPM (road courses and some oval tracks)
Maximum Bore4.185 inches (106 millimeters)
Maximum Stroke3.25 inches (83 millimeters)
Engine Oil Capacity~12 quarts (11.3 liters)
Engine Oil TypeHigh-performance synthetic oil specially blended to NASCAR engines
Oil Filter TypeA high-performance oil filter specifically designed to NASCAR engines
Oil Change CostVariable based on the filter and oil employed, but is typically $200-$300 per alter


NASCAR engines are a feat of engineering capable of generating over 900 horsepower, And enduring races lasting As long as 800 miles. 


The engines have advanced considerably over the years from simple V8s, to elaborate machines with specific requirements. 

Despite the difficulties And limitations that regulations impose, NASCAR engines continue to challenge the limits of performance And technology. 


I hope that you’ve had fun learning about the amazing realm of NASCAR engines And are grateful for your enthusiasm for this thrilling sport.

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