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Mazda 6 Oil Type: Mazda 6 owners enjoy A thrilling performance with A sleek design. To keep that engine purring, you need the right fuel. And no, it’s not gas. motor oils Are the lifeblood of any car.

It can be difficult to choose the best oil for your Mazda 6 when there Are so many confusing acronyms and mysterious bottles on shelves. 


This guide explores the world of Mazda 6 oils, revealing the best lubricants for your engine. It also includes essential information such As average prices, benefits, And capacities.

Popular Oil Options For Your Mazda 6

  1. Mazda Genuine Synthetic Oil: This 2.5-liter engine favorite offers exceptional fuel efficiency and cold-start performances. You can expect to pay between $30 and $40 per quart. However, you will have the assurance of using an OEM-approved product. Capacity: 4.5 quarts.

  2. Castrol GTX Full Synthetic Oil: Widely available and budget-friendly option. It provides reliable protection without breaking the bank. Average price: $20-$25 per quart. Capacity: 5.5 quarts.

  3. Mobil 1, Extended Performance, High Mileage, 5W-30 Synthetic Oil: This oil is designed for Mazda 6s with high mileage. Price point: $25-$30 per quart. Model year determines the capacity.

  4. Pennzoil 5W-30 Platinum High Mileage Full Synthetic Oil: This oil is another excellent choice for engines with a lot of experience. It provides superior protection from friction and sludge. You can expect to pay between $20 and $25 per quart. A model year can affect the capacity.

  5. Valvoline Full Synthetic 5W-30 oil: This oil offers balanced performance And affordability. It is suitable for SKYACTIV 2.5 And 2.5T engines. Average price: $15-$20 per quart. Capacity: 4.5 or 5.5 quarts depending on engine type.

Mazda 6 Oil Change Interval

Mazda recommends changing oil every 7,500 miles under normal driving conditions or 5,001 miles in severe situations such as frequent short trips and heavy towing. Consult your owner’s guide for any specific recommendations.

Mazda 6 Engine Specs

Here’s a summary of the Mazda 6 engine specs

FeatureNaturally Aspirated 2.5LTurbocharged 2.5L
Engine Type4-cylinder Skyactiv-G4-cylinder Skyactiv-G Turbo
Horsepower187 hp250 hp (227 hp on 87 octane)
Torque186 lb-ft320 lb-ft (250 lb-ft on 87 octane)
Fuel Economy (Combined)26 mpg26 mpg
Fuel Economy (City)23 mpg23 mpg
Fuel Economy (Highway)31 mpg31 mpg
Transmission6-speed Automatic6-speed Automatic
DrivetrainFront-Wheel Drive (AWD Optional)Front-Wheel Drive (AWD Standard)
Cylinder DeactivationYesNo
Stop-Start TechnologyYesYes

FAQs – Mazda 6 Oil Type

Can conventional oil be used in my Mazda 6? 

Mazda recommends synthetic oil as it provides the best performance and protection. Consult your owner’s manual for more specific information.

How can I tell if the oil is the wrong one? 

The use of the wrong oil could lead to engine damage and reduced performance.

How expensive is an oil change?

A DIY oil change will cost between $50 and $100, while a professional oil change service can cost anywhere from $200 to $400.

Can the oil reminder be reset me? 

The trip computer on most Mazda 6 models is equipped with the ability to reset this light. For instructions, consult your owner’s handbook.

How can I recycle my used motor oil? 

many auto parts stores and service centers accept used oil. Never dispose of used oil in the drain.

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