LSX Engine Specs 2024 ❤️


LSX Engine Specs

“LSX engine” can refer to A range of General Motors (GM) small-block V8 engines that were introduced in the latter part of 1990. 

These engines are well-known for their reliability, performance, And tuning capabilities, making them popular with amateur racers and enthusiasts.


Here Are A few general specifications of LSX engines:

EngineDisplacement (L)Horsepower (hp)Torque (lb-ft)Oil Capacity (qts)Oil TypeFilter Cost ($) \$Change Cost ()
Gen I LS1 (1997-2005)5.7340-350360-4008Synthetic 5W-30$10-$20$50-$100
Gen I LS2 (2005-2007)6.0400-405400-4108Synthetic 5W-30$10-$20$50-$100
Gen II LS3 (2007-2015)6.2460-476465-4808Synthetic 5W-30$10-$20$50-$100
Gen II L99 (2007-2015)6.2400-420400-4308Synthetic 5W-30$10-$20$50-$100
Gen III LS7 (2006-2013)7.05054658Synthetic 5W-30$20-$30$100-$150
Gen III LSA (2012-2015)6.25565868Synthetic 5W-30$10-$20$50-$100
Gen IV LT1 (2016-present)6.6460-495465-4758Synthetic 5W-30$10-$20$50-$100
Gen IV LT4 (2017-present)6.66506508Synthetic 5W-30$10-$20$50-$100


LSX engines Are the most popular choice for vehicles with high performance, providing Amazing power and durability. 


Thanks to their innovative engineering And design, LSX engines are capable of producing 780 horsepower And 680 lb-ft of torque. I hope that you find this information on LSX engine specs useful And interesting. 

I thank you for spending the time to learn about this incredible technology for automobiles. Enjoy your day And have A safe drive!